Snowboarding : Straight Gliding on a Snowboard

How about this? Another day, another beautiful
day in northern Arizona, with the Grand Canyon in my background. Anyway, let’s talk about
straight glide. Another perfect opportunity to practice something when you’re getting
ready for a class or you’re after your class. It is merely a matter of finding just a small,
a very small hill. Put your front foot in, put your back foot on the board and just glide
straight. I’m going to demonstrate. Straight glide, with good athletic stance, knees bent.

4 thoughts on “Snowboarding : Straight Gliding on a Snowboard”

  1. expert village sucks at everything. noobs can't teach noobs.

    For the most part just try it out see what works. If your getting into the park ask kids for tips. As long as your not being a gaper and getting in the way all the time most people are cool with helping you out.

    As for "expert" village they aren't helping anyone. You can't teach snowboarding if you can't snowboard

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