Snowboarding Tips : How to J-Turn on a Snowboard

So, now that you know how to straight line
another way to maneuver around the mountain is J-Turning. J-Turns are just maneuvering
through people on your edges of having one foot strapped in still, but being on your
edges. When you lift your toe up you’re going to be on your heel edge. When you put your
toe down you’re going to be on your toe edge. So, when you maneuver through people throughout
the base of the mountain you can get where you need to go by turning on what direction
you need to turn on. So, as if I’m going to go this way. I want to go to my right. I am
going to turn on my heel side edge. That is going to make me turn this way, go right,
so I’m going this way. As if I was doing a J-Peg turn on my toes I would put my toe down
and that is going to make me turn to the left, because I’m on my toe side edge pushing going
towards the opposite direction. Another thing, J-Turns have nothing to do with your upper
body. It’s all about just your edges on your snowboard and being able to push and go and
push and go and be flat based and then jay turned, be flat based and J-Turn and maneuver
in and out of people and get to where you need to be.

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  1. why don't you just try and see what works for you? personally, the way i learned was to use my legs and hips, nothing about shoulders and arms.

    but i kept my arms out for more balance keeping it parallel to the board, so if i go sideways down a hill, one hand would point down the hill while the other points up. I only use my hands for direction coordination and balance.

  2. Thats not entirely true. If ur falling but ur in control of it u can land on ur rists soft, but if u catch an edge, and flying, then forearm wud be the most sensible thing to land on, but its easier sed than done, cos its instinct to land on hands, and thus wrists. A 'great' way to fall is to make yourself a ball, so that ur as low as u can go, so u don't have much to fall, and try to slow down on ur edge whilst ur still half fallen

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  4. i.. you turn.. and then like, you but the board.. ….. and like , you know..

    that helps like a hole in the head.

  5. hey dude we've got this down but you have to admit she has a lovely voice.( well i'm scottish so to me it's dulcit tones.) i'd listen to her read the telephone directory and she'd sound good. . .

  6. first of all— 1:08 manoober?
    second of all-talks like a kid with ruin on sentences
    third of all- no offence, but her voice gets tiresome after a while

  7. the best advice of all times , here it goes:
    If you want to learn how to snowboard, get yourself a board & boots, find any snow field in your town . (something mellow with a gentle slope, it's free too) . prepare to fall and get up allot. and just go for it….YOU WILL FIGURE IT OUT IF YOU REALLY WANT TO.

  8. am i the only one that watched this and thought to myself A) what the fuck does the letter J have to do with this? and B) who the fuck owns a board and doesn't know how to do that?

  9. can anyone recommend good snowboarding tutorials? Like ones where the guy can clearly explain the technique and the cameraperson actually shows the snowboard?

  10. if your new to snowboarding here is a tip go to a mountain get on the highest lift and go down you will learn faster and you will try harder not to die

  11. This video may aswell have been 10 seconds long. " If you want to turn right, move to your heel edge, left toe edge, depending on whether your goofy or not. "

  12. 1 quick question how should u be standing when you turn? should u lean into the turn or stand still or lean away or what?

  13. She can't speak English. Surely the ability to articulate is a prerequisite for an instructor? I pity her (English speaking) students.

  14. I snowboarded for the first time last year and the slopes are opening this week.. i always had a problem with speed though.. it's hard for me to control my edges when i'm going down, i want to learn how to glide down and be able to switch sides instead of bringing my left foot forward to stop myself without falling. any tips?

  15. im a beginner so my problem is that i get to much speed and that i mostly just get thrown away if i try j turning or just slide around so how could u slow down a lil bit and not stop and not being throw away

  16. If a girl like her would talk to me for 1 minute I would already become insane enough to SLAP HER SILLY! MANNNN she's annoying

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