Sophia’s Law to Protect Minnesota Boaters from Carbon Monoxide

I’m Minnesota Conservation
Officer Adam Block. Sophia’s Law is designed to
protect boaters from carbon monoxide. This invisible, odorless gas
killed seven-year-old Sophia after it leaked from the exhaust
of her family’s boat. Carbon monoxide is produced
whenever fuel is burned, commonly from sources such as
engines, generators, and cooking appliances. The toxic gas can collect
anywhere on the boat, especially below deck, at the
helm, and around the stern. Carbon-monoxide poisoning causes
headache, nausea, eye irritation, dizziness, and
weakness, and it kills quickly. Gasoline-powered recreational
boats must display warning stickers at the
helm, stern, and enclosed occupancy
compartments. All recreational motorboats with
a sleeping accommodation, galley with a sink, and toilet
area, must have a functioning marine carbon-monoxide
detection system. Carbon-monoxide deaths
on boats are preventable. Don’t let this happen to you
and your loved ones. Get more information at

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