Splitboarding 101 Tips from a Splitboarder

Well we are back here in the Tetons.
Another day in the life.. Furberg, this is why, see that view
This is why you go splitboarding I mean this is epic
I always pass this up but… Another day of snowboarding cures all
Furberg, powder Sorry mom, I appreciate you supporting me
I know I am crazy but I love you This is rad I have never really been to this
zone before pretty special
hang out for a bit put my skins back on I want to go get another lap, that was really
fun One thing I hope all the splitboard manufactures
pick up upon is just how solid the tried and true Voile hook system and latch system
Now the Furberg has especially solid construction but honestly I dont know why the other manufactures
are using the other brands clips. I mean I do it has to do with money
But at the end of the day If your a splitboarder
or a manufacturer this is the jam Look at that, look how freaking solid that
is. You can hear that
You hear that? Bam, thats what you want
Please take note, and for the consumer This is what you need to demand in your splitboard
I also wanted to give some tips on splitboarding I have learned over the years.
So I was about to put my skins on right now Obviously there is no major snow on here
But there is still a bunch of ice build up Its really small
So if you just take your glove or your fingers
I think this really helps to kinda make a nice smooth surface
Because otherwise I would have been putting that glue
on my skins which is super tacky ontop of this ice.
And if it starts sticking to the ice and not the board thats not going to be so
rad So Im going to quickly go through here and
scrape some of the ice off I really dont need the ice and stuff on my
edges Obviously temperatures are changing,
its getting cold out so stuff is starting to freeze over
but yea before you put your skins on make sure your boards nice and clean of snow
at least. So my last time out Ihad a big snafu with
these skins I apologize,
so I went ahead and tip and tail if you dont know what Iam talking about checkout
the previous video of the Day in the Life hey char come here
she is stoked you having fun?
say hi ti everybody well I enjoy the up hill alot
just look how cool this is hey
This Furberg is touring really well skins are working great
such a relief compared to the other day I was really bummed
but yeah this is awesome Im going to hurry up and try to get another
lap in ok lap 2
one last thing about Furberg which is really cool
Char get out of here you got to give it to the guy
get out of here please you got to give it to the guy
he named the company after himself you got like Burton, Sims, Jones, Furberg!

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