SpongeBob’s Boating Bash Walkthrough Part 4 (Wii) V Lesson

I hope you’re ready dream dude beyond naked women in my sleep anything with some tiny blob here a brain crab oops should I put my head between my knee now I’m so impressed do something else do Oh baptism why are you so excited j2 brandy
Blair yeah whoa there’s no item it grant but you can’t Oh whoa how do you hear that buzzing sounds like a
bee it’s as if everyone in Bikini Bottom has
gone mad what is crabs this angle here I must
seize this opportunity to get my hands on those Krabby Patties but how oh I see
it I see it it’s becoming increasingly obvious you know my little yellow friend
I couldn’t help noticing your lessons going on here oh you did did you
I did I did I wonder how is it that a fry cook can afford such high-end
private driving lessons what if I told you that you could get that license of
yours for free I think you were trying to trick me
no I’m just an honest businessman trying to make a living no I tell you what I’ll
pay for the remainder of your lessons all you have to do is just give me one
of those scrumptious Krabby Patties again no not steel trade the anti
skilled new well then you better hold on to your steering wheel because I’m going
to get a krabby patty with or without your help mr. scales sign this plug it
up I hope you already do yawn wait sign up for bears I’m gonna catch you I’m just quicker than you you not too sure very nine and seven six five four three two I’m sure you’re proud of yourself Bunz Bob you’re really coming along just
one more set of lessons and I’ll be on my way I mean you’ll be on your way to
getting your license license I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait there’s
still plenty of work to do your next lessons will be the hardest the last
part of the drive system is escape you’ll need to collect a set number of
car parts while avoiding all the other drivers coming after you you really have
to work hard to not get hit I’ll just do the opposite of what I’ve been doing
right right

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