Subway Surfers Hack βœ… Unlimited Coins + Keys πŸ”₯ iOS + Android APK Tutorial

hey guys today I’ll show you the Subway Surfers hack that works on iOS or Android so we’ll just show you exactly
what you get from it ok so as you can see I’ve got over 200 million coins so
I’ll go the shop just to prove that it’s working so I’ll buy what the flowers so
much that I access hey I’ll slip on hoverboards so yeah we basically have
pretty much unlimited money in this game as well as a few more tweaks but I’ll
show you how to do this so if you’re on iOS you’re gonna only go to your
settings general background app refresh I just make sure this is on Wi-Fi move
with topic just like that the next step is going to Safari and type in lewd
little CC just like up in the press go okay so you’ll be taken to a list of
apps so we’ll just type in so ways for our first more start injection we’ll do it the – putting a charger so
it is cut away for this Donald a key in this works on both iOS and Android so it
doesn’t matter what the furniture using so almost done because now I’d be taken
to a list of apps this we you need to install to these norm for 30 seconds to
inject hack code in your subway surfers so very easy just start on one go back
so the other one too because this was still also hoping this
off on again just running for 30 seconds so conduct authority in your head I’m
gonna run it for the full 30 seconds let’s just see I already caught it but
you’re gonna want to do that for pool cops what won’t work so it’s just
waiting for this one that’s in deal just open up we have 30 seconds and then once
you’ve done this process your subway surfers will have the mall code injected
into it so thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed this video if you did leave
a like comment and subscribe with notifications on I’ll see you later

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