Subway Surfers The Animated Series – Episode 9 – Boombox

Let’s do this. Boomy?It covered over 5,000 miles every…Seen Boomy? Mama? Haven’t seen it, Fresh. Haven’t seen you eat breakfast either. Gramps, seen Boomy? -Sis?
-Like we need more noise?Forget the Yard.
Meet me at Mully’s. I’m starving.
Oh, so you can read now? Nuh-uh.
You’re up to something. Where is it, Tavin?
Where’s Boomy? Tickle monster’s got no mercy. Davin, what the…? Boomy! Man… Boomy!

100 thoughts on “Subway Surfers The Animated Series – Episode 9 – Boombox”

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  2. Fresh has one big family two little brothers one older sister and a mother and a father and grandfather

  3. Fresh is one of the only guys from modern-day cartoons that functions like he's still living in the 90s. Nobody walks around carrying boomboxes anymore, my dude.

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