Subway Surfers The Animated Series | Rewind | Yutani

that was interesting ice cuban-born minutes 37 seconds hands made from
boiling water 375 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact it’s called the mmm effect
named after the Tanzanian Diane discovered it okay so next up I’m
launching my first weather satellite my satellite doesn’t just monitor weather
she actually makes weather okay moving on so here’s the deal my dad’s good at a
lot of things but gardening is definitely not one of them don’t get me
started on our tragic sprinkler system I am gonna make the rain water the garden
where Dad bro stuff for our restaurant so you guys get to see me launch my
satellite and then mr. T’s reassemble with me and a ballerina applause
cheeseburger oops Sookie send a return working on new
invention but thanks rocket ship rain cloud tomato carrot Oh eggplant my
satellite ten miles up in the troposphere bob is right my dad is not an intruder
hey chat meet my maker Hey technically he’s not my maker I’m adopted but he
used my PB&J maker that’s one thing he’s really good at on the side I don’t know
your last favor didn’t go so well Oread this will be much safer almost
100% certain it should just take a gentle mentioned my dad used to be a pro
skateboarder and it’s the apocalypse yep shoulda known know what’s funny when we were noobs you
actually thought this place was scary I still have nightmares about trashing my
first pair of Jordans here well I still have nightmares about those nasty elbow
pads Jake used to wear ones he never washed not funny miss those pads well we
didn’t ask you King come on Jake don’t bag on King four kids got no filter
I didn’t bag on this I said we didn’t ask his opinion on what’s scary see what
I mean you can’t take anything he says too seriously I don’t know would explain
things speaking of tani she wants us to meet
her at the yard she’s got something to show us says it’s out of this world with
like 12 alien emojis on Crete skateboarding how did you turbine we
found it’s kind of anti-gravity technology neutralize the magnetic
properties this has to stay secret can’t you reel him back in with that
remote it only works up to ten feet away he’ll be fine so like I was saying if
anybody finds out you invented a hoverboard a real hoverboard every tech
company in the world will send guys on steroids to steal it I can see it now we
all get taken into some cheap motel room you know kind of really gross wallpaper
and the interrogators no way I break plus they mess with bhumi maybe I should
make the technology open-source you know free it’s not like I invented it I don’t
even think it’s from this planet but you’re right tricky for now we
should keep this secret I mean what if somebody got hurt Thanks
you always know when I’m having a bad hole Don you guys aren’t getting the
gravity this situation anti-gravity you’re missing the point
today is not just some ordinary day here comes a sermon today is the day
skateboarding as we know it became this thing and what I mean is this hoverboard
‘el changed everything and the four of us could have become like
I can see it art cannot be rushed so what do you
think cool man cool but you got a drip off dude good eye ah but not in my yard

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  1. Jessie from Mr . cutie 😗😗😗😗😗😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😚😚💄💄💄💄🔜

  2. Yutani is adopted and she’s always wearing that costume. On the game you have to collect alien ships to unlock her character. She’s super intelligent and a prodigy with inventions. gasp she’s actually an alien from outer space! 😂Would be a cool plot twist.

  3. Cmon SYBO , you took time to create this but you didn't take time to create episode 12? (No Offence) I just really want episode 12…

  4. Я незнаю этого языка. Кроме русского. Пожалуста сделайте эти серий на русском.

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