Sunday Showdown with James Kotecki: Grand Slam Edition

While you were sleeping in, the Sunday shows tackled the jobs creation free fall, the Wisconsin
gubernatorial recall, and a spirited back and forth with a tennis ball.
I’m James Kotecki and this [SLAM]
is the Sunday Showdown. First off, a programming note for this week.
Fresh off the news that Meet the Press has hit a 20-year ratings low among viewers 21-54.
NBC decided to air the French Open instead.>>ANNOUNCER:
The French open men’s final next.>>KOTECKI:
Apparently they were hoping that viewers under 55 would actually watch the show, and that
viewers 55 and over wouldn’t notice any drop in the quality of debate. [SHOUT] But it was a huge news week and on “This
Week,” Obama’s advisor David Axelrod defended the president after the president said the
private sector is doing fine and that we need more government jobs.>>AXELROD:
We’ve had 4.3 million private sector jobs created in the last 27 months but we’ve
lost almost half a million public sector jobs and most of them are teachers, many of them
are firefighters, and police…>>KOTECKI:
I’m glad Axelrod clarified that what Obama actually meant was that the private sector
is doing fine and that we need more government jobs.
But then Rick Santorum, who I’m so glad is back on TV, had this rebuttal.>>SANTORUM:
For every $100,000 increase in public sector employment there’s a $150,000 decrease in
private sector employment. This money that you’re paying teachers, this money that
you’re paying public sector employees comes from somewhere, and it comes out of the private
sector and it tends to hurt job creation there and the net effect there is less jobs.>>KOTECKI:
Wait, so logically, every time you fire a schoolteacher, you gain 1.5 private sector
jobs. The president has it backwards: it’s not that we’re firing too many teachers,
it’s that we’re not firing them fast enough. The only way to put millions of Americans
back to work is to put millions Americans out of work. [RACKET HIT] [SHOUT] Wow, and a great point from meet the press. Moving on to Face the Nation.>>BOB SCHIEFFER:
Wisconsin’s republican governor Scott walker is the first governor in the nation who survived
a recall election.>>KOTECKI:
And boy does he look happy about that. In truth Walker is upbeat about the recall’s
votes’ national implications.>>SCHIEFFER:
Is Wisconsin Romney’s country now?>>WALKER:
Well I think it’s up in the air, I think it’s definitely in play.>>KOTECKI:
But of course liberals on face the nation and fox news Sunday tried hard to downplay
the results of the recall.>>GOV. O’MALLEY
I think that the biggest lesson in Wisconsin is that 60% of the people did not believe
that recall elections are proper for policy differences short of some criminal offense.>>VAN ROEKEL:
60% of the exit polls said that recalls shouldn’t be used to oust someone just on political
beliefs>>GOV. DANIELS
it would be I think a huge mistake for republicans to misread Wisconsin as some kind of great
harbinger. I don’t see it that way at all. Not even clear that Governor Romney would
be that strong in Wisconsin.>>KOTECKI:
Hey wait a minute that Democratic Governor O’Malley, national education association
president Van Roekel, and Republican Governor Mitch Daniels. Come on, Governor, show some
party loyalty, like the AFL-CIO’s Thea Lee.>>NEWS ANCHOR:
Ms. Lee how disappointed are you that Barack Obama didn’t show up to campaign in Wisconsin?>>LEE:
That’s a decision for President Obama>>NEWS ANCHOR:
Come on, you must have a feeling about it.>>LEE:
I’m not going to second guess the President.>>KOTECKI:
No, no feelings here. Frankly, if you want passion and excitement on Sunday morning,
you’ve got to go to ‘Meet the Press.’ [TENNIS HIT]>>KOTECKI.
Well that’s my Sunday saturation point. I’m James Kotecki, join me next week and
sleep in this weekend. We’ve got you covered right here on The Sunday Showdown. [RACKET SWINGS]

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