SUP and Kitesurfing w/ Airton Cozzolino & Kai Lenny – Ep 2

I’ve been very lucky to come here with Kai Lenny. My target is to focus, spend some time with him and learn something about SUP like aerials. I don’t really know what we are going to do, I just know that we are going to train very hard. We are going to do the training that he does every morning, he does four sports in a day, let’s see, let’s try this experience. I think it will be very difficult. I came here with Kai Lenny, as we saw he is a great waterman and this is his special training. Really hard, but it’s fine, let’s try! Scott Sanchez is a good trainer, he made me use some muscles that I never knew I had! Today is a beautiful day. We are going to surf at Lence, there are great waves there, let’s try to do some tricks. I have never seen someone do an aerial like he does! He’s great with SUP because he’s surfed since he was a child. I’m starting now and I’m learning a lot of things watching him. I really had fun today, and tried some aerials but didn’t succeed in landing any of them, but at least I tried! Let’s hope tomorrow will be a good day as well! Now there is wind that is called Kona and it’s from the left. It happened just five times per year and I have been very lucky, normally it is very difficult to have this kind of wind here. I hope to do it again because it was really fun! I feel like I’m home, really cool, we have had fun, good barrels, really cool! We are with Kai and a friend of his, we have done some exercises, but we are very tired because it’s really hot and when you run like this you cannot breathe. I really had a great time here, I hope tomorrow will bring bigger waves, the forecasts seem to be good, let’s see!

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