SUPER ZINGS 1 2 3 4 vs BRAWL STARS 馃挜 MEGA *艣mieszne* OPENING 馃挜 Ja to otwieram???馃挜po polsku Marivo

You have entered this episode and you are wondering. What? How is that What is going on? How is that And exactly so Today I am opening Brawl Stars and Super Zings Super Zings And you know what’s the strangest thing about it? That I don’t even know what it is? I open it for the first time and I don’t know what it is I also allow you to laugh at me I bought a lot of it I also have a nice box, but it won’t be useful to me I fell into a shopping spree Super Zings and Brawl Stars sachets But what is there? So I do not know It will turn out during opening Listen if you want more episodes Super Zings and Brawl Stars do it quickly We leave our paws up 10,000 paws up and deals all Collectible figurines. Who wants to? You, yes you, subscribe to Marivo Or you will remember me. Or I’ll show you my hairstyle I also have a question for people who They will watch this movie very carefully. warning How many Super Zings sachets will I open? I will say in the episode. How will you watch carefully You will definitely know that We leave our paws up We subscribe, leave a comment And we start opening I have 19 Super Zings sachets And 6 sachets of Brawl Stars I don’t know how I did it But I have a series, 3, 4 and 1? Where did I have my eyes? You always buy and don’t look what you buy And then you wonder where I got it from I also have something like that. And that’s where I have a problem I bought and I don’t even know what Now a difficult decision, where to start? Is Super Zings or Brawl Stars It may even Brawl Starw because I am I wonder what’s inside What are these figurines and why are they so popular I know this is definitely a game I didn’t play it. And these figurines will be inside I wonder if they are any rare, cool or better Worse? I don’t know but for sure You will laugh at me I really don’t know anything about them Note, what is this? And what is this green man Okay, and there was a card inside With some bird? Which shows ok. What do I need this card for? I do not know. I have a green creature inside He looks a bit like a cucumber. Truth? Sorry, I’m not any cucumber I am zucchini. kidding I have no idea who it is, but it’s probably this one I don’t know if they are fakes but Here, someone probably painted him badly I think it’s handmade Stay here and wait for your colleagues Cool, I won’t move And maybe we’ll do a battle between Super Zings and Brawl Stars We’ll see now for balance We will open Super Zings This is Series 3, Rivals from Kaboom And they are super heroes, super villains And these are everyday objects Something like that If I said something wrong, please correct me in the comment Warning. And inside, attention, attention Attention, attention, two Zings Two Zings, what are these Zings? And I have such Super Zings Who are they and what are they doing? This is Boomer and this is probably a speaker And this is Woody and this is a piece of wood But why a piece of wood? Buddy, you’re a stiff guy You’re alone, speaker. I know Okay, then we open another sachet With super heroes. Warning. Here is one From series number 4 And what is that? And you know what? This is probably a crazy mop Like anything, it’s a crazy mop with a cape And why is this mop? And this is Dark Cleaners I need a mop for this Because it’s a bucket Sure, I’m a bucket, not a mop I will tell you that these figurines are funny We are opening another Brawl Stars, what will happen here? Probably replay, replay Extra, this guy from the sachet And here I have a mailbox? But this is an armed, scary guy Hands up Or you can smell my bullets. Just I’m sorry, but your weapon is probably a toy Because there is nothing here. What is this toy? He doesn’t know if you can see, but he has something here We have a strange forehead. What happened to him? Here it is also painted a little crookedly No, they are probably fakes Go to your cucumber, that is zucchini And yet you do not stand Why doesn’t he want to stand? Come on A figurine that does not stand You can do it somehow Let’s get started, super Zings What will be here, what will be here? And here is some pissed off pineapple But he is pissed, I wonder what he is angry at? And here is someone happy. What is this? The angry one is Dr. Tropic And this is Waverider, it’s a windsurfing board That I didn’t think about it either But he doesn’t look like a windsurfing board Is there something you do not like? What what what? Now from series 4, maybe there will be some rare here But another furious figurine What is a bat? Onion or garlic Bat, onion or garlic I don’t know, I’m blind because I can’t find him Let’s say it’s garlic Not true because I’m a bat Be sure to write me what you prefer, Brawl Stars Is Super Zings Because I don’t really know yet. warning What will be here Another figurine But this guy is weird Who is this? And what’s his teeth But he is scary, what does he have? White teeth? It’s probably from some wrestling Or he likes disco Or he likes to show the way Road, then left, then right Then straight on. And you will stand or not It even stands. It’s Super Zings now And here we have two, again we have two. Who is this? It’s a gift with a bow, interesting What’s in there? Maybe it’s an explosive gift And this is a basketball ball I immediately knew that it was a basketball ball I think he is a super hero too Is it bouncing? Some This gift ot Sir Prize And the ball is Big Dubky Hi, I’m an explosive gift For an explosive, blasting party Ok, and series number 4 And what is this creation? I don’t believe this is Scrubz And this is the mop for this bucket I found a pair, but great This is where we got this mop He will now wash the floors I am a superhero from cleaning floors Oh no, who do I have to work with I will tell you that it’s great, it’s great But I was lucky, right? Attention, now Brawl Star, Brawl Stars Another guy, some warrior with a bow And what does he have on his mind? Bird? Maybe he likes nature and different birds I don’t know, it looks weird I don’t know, it looks weird Do you know what this is? I don’t know, it looks weird Do you know what character this is? Let it be Mr Bird. It even stands You know, I have bigger sets with Super Zings But we will open them last Because I don’t know what it is Ok, we keep going. Attention attention Two Super Zings, and inside? But they are weird. What is a vacuum cleaner? What’s on his face, some pipe? And what are his eyes And I don’t know what it is Baby bottle? Some teat? Or maybe some ketchup, green? Botfeed. Yes, it’s a bottle And this is Rinser. Is this a tap? Or a snake? But no, he looks like an anteater This is probably an anteater Another Attention, attention, but green I know this for sure, this is the pan Yes this is a pan And here he has eggs instead of eyes, right? And this is Teflonastic I’m asking myself, what eggs? We have the last two Brawl Stars sachets And here it is, here it is, attention One more guy And this one looks like bad Elvis Presley I don’t know if you can see, but he doesn’t have a nose Which looks a bit strange But why is he pissed? Why these figurines Are they all so pissed off? Mr. cucumber is still smiling And everyone is brandishing guns And they are toy Toy? I’m begging you I don’t know about you, but I think That they are not scary at all What did you say Okay, sorry, don’t be so nervous But they are not scary anyway And now I have a larger sachet From series 1. What will it be? Any surprise, could it? There is a box here and something inside And how does it open? Yes and yes Ok, we will open like this What is here Some green man A superhero is probably a plum Blue and should be purple This is Mr. C It doesn’t tell me anything. Or is it orange? I’ll call him Mr. meatball Yes, Mr. Meatball. This is cool We will open one more such We have another box, this time purple I will open it this way What is it? Any watering can? What a pissed watering can And why are you so pissed off? How is this why, because I ran out of water I need water. This is Crazy Jet And not only is she pissed, she is crazy too Ok, one more attention, attention, attention Attention, attention, and here it will be Will it be here? I have a replay I have a pissed off repetition bucket What are you doing here? Like what I have come to replace you What do you, they will realize that it is not me How? We’re identical I think it got you down It did not heat, but it flooded It happened to me a replay. I’ll tell you that enough sachets How much can you collect, replays happen And here I think we have a rabbit in a hat here With one tooth. And here we have chocolate Also pissed off. Why are they all pissed off? Why, why, because yes and already Oh, you wouldn’t be mad If you only had one tooth? It’s always an argument This is Choc Shock, or shocked chocolate Hatcus Pocus or pop-up rabbit From a magic hat Ok, we will open the last sachet Brawl Stars, I wonder if there will be a replay I bought 6 sachets and there will be no repetition? Attention, inside and inside And replay, I got out Two disco warriors Only this one has almost full dentition And here he is a bit lacking I’ll tell you that the twins are crazy I will tell you that I have three sachets left And such super bigger sets I wonder what will be there? Remember that I will give away all these figurines I don’t collect them, maybe someone will be happy You must leave 10,000 paws up And this? I have green corn Superhero. Corn goes to help And this is probably a saxophone? Yes it’s probably a saxophone And this is Cornelius And the saxophone is Darkblues And why are you falsifying so much? From sitting in the sachet, I got out of tune And you, what are your super powers I am supermen corn If you heat me up, you do it I’m popcorn But super power. I wouldn’t want to be popcorn Note we are opening another two. Maybe there will be replays here No, these are not replays I don’t know what it is, is it a player? With headphones? What this is about What is this? I don’t know what it is Is this some snail? What’s on his mind This is Fred Quency, maybe this radio? And this is Breaker But I still don’t know who he is Who are you by the way? If I knew, I’d say But I do not know, I will not say And what are you talking about? I’m looking for a wave, I can’t find Ok, last sachet And I take larger sets And maybe here will be a replay Maybe there will be a replay? There is no replay And this is a melting cake with candles Three candles, a few are few And here is the silver dollar He’s stuffed This is Silver Johnny and Kreamer They are rivals, they fight with each other Show you an explosive gift? Because I will show you explosive candles Guys, guys don’t fight In the end, it’s me who shines the most A huge bunch was gathering for me Super Zings, there are a lot of them They are very funny, really And the pissed off Brawl Stars cluster They are terribly pissed off I have three sets left to open With cars and something, I don’t know what that is We’ll start with this something It’s Super Zings, Kabool Blaster Interesting, interesting I don’t know, this is something With such a thing, for such a thing I do not know what is it And apparently I have to push here But I’m afraid, I push the attention And what and nothing? How about here? Nothing too I thought he would fire somehow And here is the figurine, what is this figurine? It’s a DJ console There will be a party You know, I have no idea who that is And what he does because he doesn’t have this card And I can’t find her But it will definitely be a great party Get ready for the party Dude, don’t piss me off, wait I’ll show you my toy gun And then you will run quickly Relax, why are you so nervous? And now we will open this box I think there will be a car here It also looks interesting Megajet and Super Zings will be inside Ready? Ok, ready, we open it This one is cool Green, see, he’s moving here Green, he rides here and has a spike ring here It looks scary And inside there was a little dangerous people And what is that Is this a cookie, muffin? And that what, this figure is for this car? Is she even here? And this is Mage Mistery Everyone is out of the way because I’m going And now we will open this car And this is also the first series And inside is a Supercar and Super Zings It remains to be seen whether it is actually there what is on the box Jump out, attention Yes, that’s what’s on the box, of course It looks a bit like a batman car, right? This car is Lighting Wings And there was such a Zings and it’s probably a diamond The yellow diamond is not even that mad And this is Wonder Shine I am a diamond in the rough Because I love to sing but nobody discovered me And unfortunately the last car It is a pity, because I really had a great time This is also the first series in the middle There will also be a great car and Super Zings And this will be the car, right? So there will be no surprise. Get out This is actually the car But he is cool and there was such Super Zings inside And these are probably scissors Truth? Yes, they are probably scissors This car is Monster Jumbo And these scissors are Mad Blades Oh no, these are angry scissors Of course we are furious and dull I have to sharpen. Hop in your car And look for a hairdresser that will sharpen you And back to these boxes I didn’t know they had a special function They can be fired Warning, buckets are flying into action Warning, buckets are flying into action I’d almost spill Listen, this is my whole collection Which I opened today. There are a lot of them I didn’t know there would be so many of them As I told you before I will give away all these figurines And Brawl Stars and Suuper Zings I will give away half of the Super Zings on Youtube And half on Instagram Also, quickly go to my Instagram You will find out there And I will give away Brawl Stars on Youtube You must first subscribe Marivo Channel. Leave your paw up 10,000 paws up under this video And in the comment write which figure You like the most I will choose only 2 creative comments Also quickly, leave a comment Write to me if I should open more These figurines. Yes, no problem I will open it, although I do not know them You will know it, you must meet Or the cucumber will scare you See you in the next video Hi Hi Click here if you want to see How I opened the Littlest Pet Shop figurines Here you will see the other toys And by clicking on this place, you subscribe Marivo Channel Quick, we subscribe Hi Super Zings, Super Zings, Super Zings Brawl Stars, Brawl Stars, Brawl Stars And lots of paper and plastic Who will clean this now? Super zings? Not even us Brawl Stars? Neither are we

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