Surf Casting 800 Metres Past the Breakers With a Kite Fishing Rig

– How’s it going? And welcome. Today, we’re on the beautiful west coast. Kariotahi Beach. KT,
as some people call it. You’re probably wondering,
“What is he doing on a beach with a big game
reel?” We’re kite fishing. So today, we brought the flexi-wing kite out with us and we’re just deploying our first set now, fresh mullet. We’re doing six hooks. And I tell you what, it’s
flying out there beautifully. We got the easterly winds with a bit of northerly in them,
so hopefully, the means the snapper are gonna be on the feed. And we’re looking at doing
about two sets today. So, first set’s on its
way out there beautifully. – [Paul] This is a diagram showing the rig that Kaleb’s using. It’s really important to have a combined kite line/drop line length over 120 metres to ensure that the kite’s
flying at a decent altitude. – So, we’re just pulling it in now. Hopefully, you can hear me over the wind, but I’m using the Penn Senator 9/0. Holds about 1,100 metres,
of 80 pounds Spectra and that’s ideal for
what we’re doing here. So, we’re at the flag
now. It’s in the surf. And what you’ll notice we’re doing is we’re walking back down
the beach, keeping the line nice and tight, keeping an eye on the kite because if it starts to
dive, we wanna let it catch the wind again and go back up, just to save you a whole
lot of work later on. And then what we’re doing is we’re winding on a slacked line on the way in, though. – [Paul] Although, if
you want to make life really easy for yourself,
make up one of these babies or get us to make one for
you. They are incredible. The bolt at the bottom holds
the rod absolutely rigid. Your weight sitting on it
prevents anything from moving. It needs to be fitted fairly
carefully to the , but this makes life unbelievably easy. Any problems with your back,
you can still sit on here and wind this thing in all day. – We’re almost at the reward end of it. So, yeah, we can see the flag. Hopefully, behind it is
some beautiful-looking fish. – [Camera Man] Quite
interesting that he’s caught on the orange beads.
– Yeah. So, we did our first set
just out behind the breakers about 750 metres and we left it out there for about an hour, then back in, we had a Kahawai and
pretty much the rest of our baits were untouched so we thought, “Okay, we’ll stick it out a bit further and we’ll leave it out for a bit longer,” so we left it out for an hour and a half. – [Paul] Our kite rigs are
used all around the world. In Hawaii, they’ve caught Yellowfin tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Sailfish on them. The rigs are pretty interesting. They’re fishing from fairly high ground and getting well off-shore. If you want to do the
same thing for snapper and just cast another line
out, that’s the release clip. If you want to troll, just modify the terminal tackle. Piece of cake. Equally, if you want to fish over reefs or you’re not sure of what kind of bottom you’re on, make up a rig like this. The sinker will be mid-water
on the way out, mid-water on the way back in, and on the bottom when it’s out there, so you
minimise your chance of snag. – So that’s the end of our day today. It’s been a real wet
one, but we did manage to get a snapper up on the sand
and that was the goal today. Remember to get a long line out there. Six hooks, what we used
today, is not very hard. The hand spool’s got your
dropper rig on it. Anything that can hold
1,000 metres of line that you can basically use as a winch is what you want for your main line. And then a really, really reliable kite. So yeah, if you’re
interested, give us a message, jump on our page, and you’ll
catch fish like this. – [Paul] We’ve got a huge
range of kite-fishing, kontiki fishing, boat long-lining, surf-casting, and general
fishing tackle in-store. So if you want to learn how
to catch fish in your area, give us a call, contact us through the website, or drop in and see us in-store
39a Neilson Street, Onehunga, Auckland. We’d be only too happy to see you.

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  1. a few years ago my dad bought me a kite from 2$ and more shop in te puke 5$ kite…
    we went to the camp grounds every summer ,Most weekends of the year… with a the budget 30ft line on it .twas fun for about ten minutes ..Then a good friend of my dad suggested i use a boat rod…i know it was a penn rod and real..
    so i tied it up and ooo boy did i have fun releasing several hundred meters of line into the sky…
    as xmas was approaching i bought the kids a kite each and also hunted out a few rods…

    Thanks for sharing this video .
    check the channel out will be uploading kite flying extreme

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