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We’ve been here
for about a year now people always ask me
why we came from Hawaii To live and surf in Portugal and I have to laugh because there’s so many reasons just to be able to live this close to the beach and really not just any beach, Baleal
has great surf most of the time it’s just special being able to walk across the street get in the water,
get some waves from our house to the clif where you can see I don’t know, 1000 different breaks
it’s about a two minute walk and at most of those breaks,
there’s absolutely nobody surfing we definitely have some lineups in Baleal
Lagido usually has a pretty good crowd and a pretty high level,
some guys rip over here But if you look just up the beach walk 5 minutes up the cliff you can usually get pretty
good waves with nobody out coming from the Hawaii that’s
a pretty special thing for us
‘cuz a lot of people in Hawaii surf Surfing by yourself is just different When you’re in the lineup with a lot
of other guys, it get’s pretty competitive,
you don’t want to make mistakes But when you’re out by yourself
or just with the boys You can go for it,
try things you’ve never tried before it doesn’t matter. You know
nobody is watching so… it sounds funny to say, but I think
my surfing has probably improved more in one year of surfing everyday in Portugal than about 12 years surfing maybe 3 or 4
days a week in Hawaii. Man, I love those mornings when you
walk down on the cliff It’s head high, off shore, super glassy just see sets marching in Normally a pretty good sized line-up at Lagide,
Look straight out at the home break and it’s perfect and NOBODY’S out You just get the biggest smile and think,
“Yep, I’m gonna go out there and…” Surf perfect waves by myself it’s a pretty awesome feeling and I would have to say that’s my
favorite thing about living in Baleal.

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  1. There are sharks in Portugal, sometimes but in my 19 years of live I had say there where 5 reports of them. There are a lot of reports of them washing up in the beach dead, that also occurs with whales and dolphines 🙁 But its safe, they dont atack and their usually really far out!

  2. Don't think that's true–there are plenty of sharks in Northern California, and it's just as cold, if not colder, than Portugal. If anything, great whites stay away from the really warm waters and stay in the cooler zones.

  3. i live in baleal and this guy is right because for example lagide, super and cantinho are with soooo many crowd but if you go away from that just like 100m you will find somo great waves without crowd

  4. crowd in lagide is crazy, stupide guys, but they are really cool for me and my friends…
    they don t like foreign people
    just respect them and you will get 2 tubes on the same wave in lagido

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