Surf Fishing in Florida State Parks

Welcome to The Outsiders Club, today we are surf fishing in Sebastian Inlet State Park. That’s right and if you don’t
know what surf fishing is, it’s basically fishing in the surf. It’s
pretty simple and fun! And Sebastian Inlet State Park is one of the best
places to surf fish here in Florida. Well okay, let’s get some bait in the
water. When you’re surf fishing, it’s all about the bait. This is my favorite combo,
I call it the triple threat combo. We have shrimp, clams and sands fleas – your
set to catch anything out there! Here are a few tips for putting the bait on the
hook. For the shrimp, simply start at the head and push the hook all the way
to the tail, this will hide the hook. For the clams, you need to find the meaty part of the clam and just basically hook it on, and
for the sand fleas, you can just hook right through the shell. If they’re small,
I’ll put like two or three on the hook. Here’s something for the fish, always use
hooks that are NOT stainless steel, that way if you lose in a fish’s mouth, it can
rust away. That not only helps the fish but sea turtles and birds as well.
Another have-to when surf fishing is a sand spike. These big surf rods are heavy, so the sand spike relives you of having to hold it all day. Simply stick it in
the sand, make sure it’s in there real good so this doesn’t happen… Then, drop the rod in and you’re all set.
Don’t go surf fishing without the sand spike, you’ll be sorry you did. So, we have our bait on and we’re ready to cast it out there. Casting a surf rod
can be a little tricky because sometimes hard to handle, it’s pretty big until you get the hang of it. So, here’s how you cast the surf
rod. Drop the rod back, get a little momentum, then let it rip. Ah! Good places to cast your bait are in deep drop-off areas, also called troughs. These deep areas
are typically within casting range near the shore, and fish use them to move up
and down the beach. Or, fish near a riptide, which is when water moves back and forth with the tide stirring up the water, and
it is a great place for fish to find food, making it a great place for us to

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