Good Morning! I’m so tired How’s the waves? Bit crowded but good Hey guys what’s up? How are you? I hope everyone is great As you know The olympics in 2020 Is going to be in Tokyo I’m super excited because a few months ago they finally announced that surfing is going to be an
official sport in the olympics Ok maybe it’s too early
to be dancing I’m super excited because I get to watch the
olympics live Can’t wait till it comes But only one thing though
is that The place that they announced for the main surfing area is in Chiba which is where I usually surf The only problem is
that sometimes the waves can be
very small So i’m wondering
if they would move the surfing competition to maybe Shizuoka or maybe to Ibaraki Which is right here It’s so like super open and there’s
hardly anyone here Might be a good thing
that they don’t move it here because not many people know
about this spot I’m currently in Emerald beach and if they do it’s going to be great and I’m going to
show you why! How was the waves? It was ok I’m so hungry right now We’re going to go check out
the food store I think they’re about to close But they kept it
up because We kinda asked the
owner there If they could keep it up for us Because we were still surfing I haven’t eaten anything all day So it should be good What do you have? Like meat dishes? ka-tsu-don?
(deep fried pork cutlet) Yes we have that OK! then one ka-tsu-don please! Looks soooo delicious!!! katsudonnnnnn I’m so full I ate too much food just then I’m going to go for
round 3 surfing For about an hour Hopefully I took some
good clips today on my go pro I’m SORRY I’m sorry if I didn’t I didn’t ride that many
good waves today It’s a little bit
strange here today Like the waves kinda
break half way Or they just stop having a lot of power Anyway guys I hope you enjoyed
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next time! BYEEEEEE

4 thoughts on “SURF SPOT FOR TOKYO OLYMPICS 2020?”

  1. Hey Ken would you like to come to this party? Join me at Surfing Year-end and Start of the ski season Party

  2. Man your channel is seriously underrated – you have lots of potential with your vlogs. Lots of people know nothing about the Japanese surfing scene and I feel your channel is a hidden gem.

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