GOOD MORNING! You missed me, right? As you can see the weather is not great for surfing it’s quite foggy this is typical here during spring and summer but it’s supposed to clear up in Santa Cruz forecast doesn’t seem to be epic but it’s been so long since last time I uploaded anything and I was like, I must surf and I must upload something even if it’s only for the frequency and to show you something even in the bad months for surfing winter is REALLY good here summer is also good, because of south swells but these months… spring is… I think it’s the worst Wind is always onshore I’m not going to lie, I’ve been paddling out I think the last couple of weekends I wasn’t able to surf but we’ve surfed some days… We’ve had sessions… but I don’t know there wasn’t any story to tell so I’d rather not upload than upload a crappy video What do you guys think? If you think I should upload even if the video is crappy Let me know And I’ll start doing that Antonio and Pol are paddling out at Pacifica But… It’s super foggy let’s see Look at this water it’s so tempting to swim there, right? You cannot see sh$%% I don’t know if conditions are good or bad I only know it’s crazy packed Well this is something I think I’ve never shown you It’s the greatest Taco Bell in the world it’s here in the middle of the beach the fog went away , eventually and despite I was doubtful at the beginning mainly because I couldn’t even see the surf I don’t regret padling out See, it’s what it is here Small waves Too many people People dropping in at you But at least there is no wind and we caught a couple so it was fun! My expectations were really low for today, to be honest BACTERIA! Dude! What’s up! – Engine won’t crank – Is it the battery? – That’s what a guy just told me – Right – But I cannot find the negative – But where the heck is the battery? – It’s in the trunk – Look it up in YouTube, YouTube it’s the key Pol – You don’t mind being in the vlog, right? – This is sooo good dude – F*** are you filming dude? – Of course – This will go directly to the vlog – It’s the only interesting thing that has happened today DONE! Well friends, this is all for today It’s been a pretty fun and unexpected session Well, you already know, write a comment down below if you want me to keep uploading videos even if the quality is lower But in any case I hope that The next video will come sooner and there won’t be a long wait another thing! If you haven’t done it yet follow me on Instagram I’ve been way more active than in YouTube lately It’s @wattosurf same as the channel and that’s it, see you guys!

13 thoughts on “SURF Y NIEBLA EN LINDAMAR, PACIFICA – WattoSurf”

  1. Buena! Inspirado por tu foto de instagram, my polola y yo fuimos a pacífica el domingo a pesar de que SF estaba super nublado, y valió la pena. Aunque estaban chiquitas las olas, se despejó el cielo, y el agua estaba excelente.
    Buen video!

  2. wattoo venga ánimo en subir vídeos!! A veces se piensa que son malos y luego resulta que para otros es muy bueno o/y se convierten en virales! 🙂

  3. I don't know how you did it, but you managed to make Linda Mar look almost like a decent place to surf. Of course, anyone who's been there knows it's not! LOL But you're right, it does have the world's nicest Taco Bell. Great video.

  4. No me lo creo que los niños a 5:54 son el watto y su hermano de niños!

    También no me lo creo que esto era Pacifica, es un truco de cámara que las olas no se ven una mierda.

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