Surfboard Repairs : Applying Fiberglass to Surfboard Dings

Okay now we’ve frapped the board, we’ve filled
the board, the fill is dry and we sand it flush and now we’re going to go ahead and
laminate some fiberglass on there. So what I do for an area like that, come over here
and get my scissors. You definitely going to want sharp scissors for this, but just
take a big piece of fiberglass and give it a nice cut, and then we’ll just go over and
we’ll just cut it to fit that area where we need a patch. So what I like to do is I usually
apply two pieces of fiberglass. One will be around the diameter of the ding, pretty fit
just a little bit outside of where you feel. And you can just free hand it nothing needs
to be perfect. Just like that. And then after that what we’ll do is we’ll add the second
layer but I usually like at least an inch, an inch and a half outside of that first layer
just so we can actually feather in the sanding afterwards. So again, just something free
hand, just like that, that’s perfect. So two layers of the fiberglass, we’re going to put
our gloves on and we’ll have some laminating resin and we go ahead and laminate some resin
on there.

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