Surfboard Repairs : Applying Surfacing Agent to Surfboard Nose

So same resin, different additive, over here,
like I said, you just have some surfacing agent, which is the ability to sand the lam,
the lam resin actually bonds better, but you have to add the surfacing agent into the resin
or it’s not going to work. So we’ll just, with the brush, what I do is just get a nice
surface over the fiberglass, just like that, come up under here, just like that, and then the last is just
something, get that line all the way up to that prep line, and then that way we can feather
that in really nice and make a nice sand on it, just like that, and that will work. And
now we’ll put that in the sun, we’ll let that go out there for probably an hour, hour and
a half before it’s able to sand. And then after that we’ll sand it, we’ll color it,
gloss it and polish it.

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