Surfboard Repairs : Drying Surfboard Surfacing Agent

Alright, so here we are, we’re just waiting
for the resin to cure. And like I said, this UV-resin, this is about fifteen to twenty
minutes later and you can already see that you can’t even put a nail mark in there which
means that the resin is doing exactly what it should be doing which is just curing and
the UV will accelerate that process. Resin’s a funny material; it always cures forever,
so it never stops curing. And what we’re doing really with the hot coat is sealing in those
fumes. So really old surfboards, they get brittle in time and the reason why they get
brittle is because that fiberglass and resin continues to cure. So, this is one of the
real good changes that’s occurred in the fiberglass and resin field along with the fact that they’re
cleaning a lot of the products up and they’re not that harmful.

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