Surfboard Repairs : Laminating Surfboard Nose

So we’ve got our lam resin and our brush,
we’ll just come over here and wet out that fiberglass, it’s real generous and let it
drip over. Keep everything inside that prep line, just like that. And what we’ll do is
come over here and just kind of get your excess, it’s alright, you obviously don’t want to
be doing this in your front room, but just let it drain over that fiberglass so it could
saturate and it’s easy to bond when you fold it over. That should be good, and I’ll go
grab the squeegee. Now with the squeegee, my favorite part, come over here and just
work the resin off the board, that way you can get the fiberglass really saturated. Just
make sure, I mean this thing doesn’t really, you could kind of move it around, it doesn’t
really catch it all. And then there it is, that’s the professional fold right there.
Just fold it and move out the resin off the board, just like that, and then from this
side, obviously you just fold over here and then, just like that, get all that resin off
there. And again, what we’ll do is we’ll take it outside and we’ll let it cure outside and
then we’ll put the sanding coat on it.

3 thoughts on “Surfboard Repairs : Laminating Surfboard Nose”

  1. @hendragster dude i need a really good custom skimboard start to finish video too. i know u posted a year ago. have u found one?

  2. I wish i could be so generous with my fiberglass, but here in Brazil is super expensive, and we have to make do with very little for repair.

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