Surfboard Repairs : Polishing Repaired Surfboard

Now what we’re going to do is, we’re going
to come over. This is a buffing pad and a buffing wheel. That’s going to use, we use
some rubbing compound which is pretty much a thousand grit sandpaper. That’s just going
to make that resin pop and really shine it out. So this is some compound that we use.
I’ll just grab a couple fingers full of that stuff and rub it right on here. Just like
car polish, you know, not very un-similar to the stuff that they buff out or wax with.
I don’t really care about the dust from this. So, you’re just kind of working that compound
into it right there. Moving around, let it rip. There you go, that’s a polished ding
repair from Aquatech; best there is in town. So go ahead and like I said if you don’t have
the machine, just go ahead and use some elbow grease, you can do all these processes by
hand. But if you want to get into it, you need the right tools and if you don’t want
to, bring it here and we would love to service you.

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