Surfboard Riding & Equipment Tips : Choose a Surfing Bodyboard

Hi, my name is Mike Sanders, and I’m going
to be talking a little bit about how to choose the right body board for you. What it really
comes down to with body boards, is your weight, your height, and what you’re doing on the
waves.If you’re just going to be floundering around in the white water, all you really
need is something to hold you up, and keep you afloat. Now, on the other hand, if you’re
going to be out where the waves are breaking, you’re going to need a little sturdier bottom
of a board. You need to make sure that it can hold it’s rail, and keep you in control
of the wave. One thing that I’ve noticed about body boards, is if you get a bad one from
a garage sale. The top is all worn off, and it may seem like a good deal for five bucks
then, but you take it out a couple of times, and the rash on your stomach, will say otherwise.
You’ really got to be careful. You don’t want it too slick, because you’ll be sliding all
over the place. Some people wax them up. I like to keep them clean, but you also don’t
want it too rough, because then you get rashes when you go out, just your body, so really,
you’re looking for floatability. These boogie boards that they have now are like, they’re
pretty nice. They’re pretty smooth on the bottom. They get you some good speed. They
have some nice rails to hold you into the wave. There’s some old sponge ones that don’t
really do much for you, if you’re just floundering out there, but usually the hard bottoms are
the good choice to make, unless you’re going to be dropping in on some twenty foot faces.
Then, you might need some little fins back there, but mostly with a body board, you’re
doing most of the control with your feet, that are behind you. Hopefully,you’ve got
some swim fins on, and more or less leaning into the rails, is how you’re going to be
turning, so when you’re choosing it, you want to float, and you want to keep it controlled,
and that’s pretty much what you’ve got to keep in mind, when you’re choosing a body

13 thoughts on “Surfboard Riding & Equipment Tips : Choose a Surfing Bodyboard”

  1. iN Australia….andmy board is how his board,i dont neeed to use wax,my board has a special material.

  2. buy a rash guard….or be ghetto and rub vaseline on your stomach its ghetto but it works. Vaseline is water proof

  3. this guy doesnt know ANYTHING! He probably went bodyboarding once in his whole life cmon. dumbest tips ever and that fin bullshit made me crazy

  4. this is by the far the worst review i have ever seen. he is trying to give tips on buying boards, yet he has a 20 year old peice of shit and the line he says about needing fins on the bottom of a board are fuckin stupid, try and find a board with fins on the bottom that was made in the last 10 years, this shit makes me angry, seeing some chump trying to tell people how to choose boards, when he has no fuckin idea.

  5. what a fucking shit vid!! he doesnt know anything about this kickass sport!!
    and fucking fins on the bottom of the board what a joke, fucking waste of my time!!

  6. @lawtrip Haha!!! Kinda true. All he told us was that you want a board with a hard bottom, and to not buy a crappy one at a garage sale. BLEH! DUHHH.

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