Surfboard Riding & Equipment Tips : Cutback While Surfing

Hi my name is Mike Sanders and I’ll tell you
a little bit about how to do a cutback when you’re surfing. A cutback is a really a fun
move to do once you get it down. It’s kind of hard to pull off all the way through. But
once you got it down, boy is it fun, it feels like you’re cutting through the wave like
a knife through butter. Really the whole point of turning in surfing is to keep yourself
in position with the wave, and what cutbacks let you do, is if you get too far ahead of
the wave, you can turn around say ok, I need to get back to the peak,cutback, bring it
around, come up to the top of the wave and keep surfing. So there’s a couple of things
to keep in mind. One the alignment. Where you are, where you see your path going, and
two is your speed, you got to keep your speed up. If you lose your speed, your cutbacks
are going to turn into a stall out and you go off the back of the wave. It’s not going
to look very impressive. What you want to do is stay, before you are about to perform
your cutback, you want to stay up higher in the wave. You want to get to the point of
the wave that gives you the most potential energy, that is once you are up there and
you like, you tell yourself ok I’m going to pull a cutback here, you want to go down the
wave, you drop in kind of like you are going down a skateboard ramp, down a hill you know.
Going down the wave, picks you up some speed. It’s just a big fat turn, you just come up,
lean back, get your weight on the turning foot, that’s what you are going to pivot off
of. And you want to come all the way around, it’s a lot harder for people to make the one
hundred and eighty degree turn that a full cutback really is. But once you can get back
past perpendicular with the wave, it’s a lot easier. All it is after that is you got to
keep in mind, the peak is coming, I got to turn back around and get back up to the top
of the wave. And that’s how you do a cutback.

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