Surfboard Shaping : Surfboard Shaping: Blank Makeup

Basic make up of this blank is a rigid polyurethane
foam with three cedar stringers glued in. And stringers do, they give this blank rigidity.
If we didn’t have the stringers in here, the blank would just flex like sponge. It’s pretty
soft, really flexible but, without the stringers, it would be really flexible. They give it
a tension, a flex pattern that’s unique to each board. This one has three offsets and
this is what our team riders like. They like this flex pattern. The foam is a U.S. blown
foam, it’s a company called U.S. Blanks. They blow the foam over in Gardena. This particular
blank was cut off a C&C machine for us, which has been digitally scanned from one of our
models by a company called Pro Cam, which is really like a top-notch job. I particularly
like the polyurethane foam because it’s easier to shape. It contours very easily. You know,
blanks used to be done out of wood, which was a lot harder to work with, maybe one or
two days to shape one board. Nowadays, you could do multiple boards in one day even if
you’re starting from scratch. It just shapes unbelievable. Styrofoam, it’s coming along.
We’ve been using it for the last couple of years. It’s still more difficult to work with.
It doesn’t find sand out as nice as this. It’s a little bit more difficult in procedures.
The beads fall apart a little bit more. But this is just still, I think, the optimum for
shaping surfboards.

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