Surfboard Shaping : Surfboard Shaping: The Rail Line

The next step is that we have cleaned up or
outline and we are going to take the rail lying down it is still square here all the
way through so we are going to bring those two together. Now we’ll use our little trusty
sheer form again and bring this top rail down a little. Since this is a traditional style
long board your rails are 50/50, 50 up and 50 down which actually means it is a really
soft bottom and helps to know that it glides well through the water. Now we’ll turn it
over and do the same thing on the other side. Lift it over and then we’ll do the bottom
rail. Now again flip it over and we’ll do the other side. Now that got a contour much
closer to the finished product. We took the flat spot out of the rail, bottom is turned
up, deck is turned down and they are starting to meet.

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