Surfers hope to capitalize on Dorian’s high surf but stress safety

(HE) ALSO TONIGHT — WE’RE TRACKING HURRICANE DORIAN’S IMPACTS, AS IT MAKES ITS WAY UP THE SOUTHEASTERN U-S COAST. (MM) IN THE BAHAMAS—- RELIEF CREWS ARE SCRAMBLING TO DEAL WITH AN UNFOLDING HUMANITARIAN CRISIS — WITH MANY PEOPLE IN NEED OF HELP. THIS IS A LOOK AT THE WIDESPREAD DAMAGE TO THE AIRPORT ON GREAT BAHAMA. (HE) IN FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA — UTILITY CREWS ARE STAGING — TO RESPOND TO POWER OUTAGES. UTILITY COMPANIES ARE WARNING —- HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS COULD LOSE POWER. (MM) HERE IN SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND — WE’RE EXPECTING BIG WAVES—- AND RIP CURRENTS OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS. (HE) EYEWITNESS NEWS REPORTER MOLLY O’BRIEN CONTINUES OUR COVERAGE LIVE FROM NARRAGANSETT. AFTER LABOR DAY, NO LIFEGUARDS AT TOWN BEACHES… AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE IMPACT OF HURRICANE DORIAN ON NEW ENGLAND WILL BE HIGH SURF AND RIP CURRENTS, WHICH COULD BE ESPECIALLY DANGEROUS. Storm prep under way at the port of Galilee, “They’re either in already or heading in” Rich Fucca president of the Rhode island fisherman’s alliance says boats will add extra lines as a precaution. “They’re not taking it lightly but at the same time they know it will pass well off shore” The National Weather Service forecasts dangerous surf and a high risk of rip tide with Dorian… starting Friday Night and into Saturday. Big waves can draw surfers to Narragansett town beach… “The currents pretty strong, so going down the beach a little bit, doing a couple of somersaults” “It could get really big based on what we saw today occasional chest high stuff and it will get bigger than that.” Weiss and Brown agree if the surf continues to build theyll likely stay out of the water. “I would say if you’re good experienced surfer, you’ve beennin some waves, get in and have some fun. If not, you wanna be real careful.” I SPOKE WITH NARRAGANSETT FIRE CAPTAIN PETER TAYLOR THERE WERE 2 EVENTS PREVIOUSLY SCHEDULED FOR THIS WEEKEND. SWIM ACROSS AMERICA, THAT S BEEN CANCELLED. ALSO A TRIATHLON FOR SUNDAY, AS FAR AS HE KNOWS THAT S STILL ON AND THEY ARE NOT SCHEDULED FOR SUPPORT. REPORTING LIVE IN NARRAGANSETT,

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