Surfing and your Soul

Hi friends, its Katy Steinberg here with you. With this week’s message from Missing Peace. Want to let you know that this week coming
up we will be at the Labyrinth at Central Park if you want to join us you can find the
info on facebook, or our website, instagram, youtube or twitter. And then the following week we’re doing this
super cool cerebral event we’re calling a journey into your internal boardroom. We have this amazing corporate strategist
with us that’s going to walk us through how we make decisions internally and externally,
and what that has to do with our soul and our spiritual well being. So I hope that you will be willing to join
us for one of those in the flesh. Or if not, you can always join us here on
facebook or youtube. But without any further ado, here’s this week’s
message from Missing Peace. So its surfing week. And there’s some really obvious connections
to a certain 1st century rabbi I’m fond of. There was the time where the waves got super
messy and choppy and Jesus was all, “Be still.” And everything calmed down. Or the time where his friends went boating
without him, and he just came walking up on the water. And while both of these stories are a stretch
if we try and take them literally, there’s this whole other understanding about the meaning
and intention behind them. When I hear those words, “Be still,” I
can’t help but think of the messy choppy chaos that crops up in my own life. The uncertainty, the self doubt, the anxiety
over kids and future and schedules and trying to be all the things I want to be…to do
all the things I want to do…and just when I think its all going to fall apart…be still. Take a deep breath. In a totally not cliché way that ignores
the gravity of any of these things, it really is going to be okay. Take a few moments to calm, to breathe, to
be still. Yeah. That. I think I need reminding of over and over
in my life of these things. And todays tragedy and challenge becomes tomorrows
or next weeks or even next year’s triumph and formative moments of empathy and grace. We probably all need a bit more of that be
still stuff. And walking on water…what if its about rising
above it all. What if its less about defying the laws of
physics, and instead about how things aren’t always what they seem. And amazing and radical things can happen
when we don’t let the norms and have tos get in our way and instead focus on something
bigger, something all encompassing, something that matters so much more than the immediate
swirling depths or the should haves and the ought tos and the ways its always been done. What kind of miraculous is possible then? On Sunday I was so pleased to have Molli Miller
with us. A few of you know that I have been part of
a cohort of creative social entrepreneurs doing spiritual formation in unique containers…whatever
that means. It’s a wonderful group called CRAVE and I’d
love to tell you more about it if you want to message me. So for 9 months, Molli and I journeyed alongside
each other and a few others and were nurtured in our leadership in our calling, in our vocation,
in who we want to be in the world. In that time, and through conversations specific
to this event, Molli has shared with me her love of surfing. It has been a part of her life since she caught
that first wave at age 14. She recounted for me the sense of raw powerful
energy of the ocean, both awe inspiring and humbling. She shared how the rhythm of waiting and riding
is meditative. And the interesting balance between the skill
and effort of the surfer, and just how much is out of your control with each unique wave. Now I don’t know about you, but all of this
speaks more broadly to me in echoes of our journey through life. The necessity of effort, life won’t just
happen for us, but then just how very much is out of our control. The rhythm of action and waiting reflected
in the seasons of our lives. And the awe and wonder, the magnitude, of
this amazing world, energy, God, life in all its intricacy is both humbling and amazing. These ancient stories, and our current moments
living out are all deeply intertwined with the great truths of our existence. They reach forward and backward informing
who we are, how we live and why any of that matters. So while its not realistic that we can spend
our whole lives being still…that wouldn’t be living…or our whole lives rising above
the chaos to walk on the water, my deep hope is that this time together with Missing Peace,
our time together with these facebook live posts, resonates with the deep truths of our
world and life. That the deepest parts of ourselves are nourished
in a way the rest of our chaotic busyness rarely touches. To experience a deeper level of this existence
called life and hopefully resonate with that spark inside you and inside me and inside
all things…God After this word together, we surfed. And it was a rough day out there. But we persevered and learned new lessons
with each wave we crashed into or tumbled beneath. Or, in a few cases, rode on. If you want to know more about it, I invite
you to look at the pictures on the facebook page and you’ll see some examples. And another big shout out of gratitude to
Molli Miller who led us through the surfing. And she runs an amazing surf school, so if
you’re interested in learning I’d suggest you track her down. Again, coming up this week, we’ll be at the
Labyrinth at Central Park and the following week we’ll be journeying in the internal board
room. And for more details on those events check
out or facebook, youtube, instagram or twitter or you can text PEACE to 33222 if you want
weekly updates. And of course there’s
with all of this information and more. We hope to see you in the flesh sometime,
but until then…grace and peace.

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