Surfing in a swimming pool!!

Looking at these jets, I actually think there’s
more power in our bath tub at home and that’s not an exaggeration. We are here to prove that you can waterski or surf in a pool ok?
And we’ve got a couple of different things to try. We’ve got a surf board, got the waterski.
The rope’s on, the board’s ready. You guys ready?
(cheering) Alright we’ve got the board we’ve got the
rope. Fightin’ the big jets!
Alright laying on the surfboard, holding on! You’re on your knees. You’re on your knees!
Oh no the board’s gone up. Maybe… just try to get onto the knees…
You’re on your knees on the board! This is looking good!
Oh my goodness the board has come flying out of the pool. Alright so the board is in the pool. Wips is gonna jump onto the board holding onto
the rope. AND HE’S ON THE BOARD! And we are not dry. I’d say that’s officially a fail.
You have not been able to get up on the board let alone approach the jets so we’ve called
in a professional. He’s the national champion for Under 14s.
You gonna go on the board or the ski? I dunno try both maybe.
That’s what I love about him. He’ll do anything and he knows how to handle himself.
Let’s you in the pool. Single ski. Alright we’ve got Kobi he’s sitting
on the surfboard we’ve got the single ski in front of the jets, holding onto the rope,
you’re ready. Alright let’s have a go!! Here’s we go now!!
Oh! And we’ve sunk to the bottom of the pool.
Not a great attempt. If we can control the position.
Kobi is laying on the board. He’s up on his feet he’s looking good. This is what pro surfing’s
all about. Holding onto the rope, here we go SUCCESS
(cheering) You made it look easy.
WE did it! Yes!

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