Surfing Lifestyle in Hawaii Episode42 :Photographer Joseph Noah part 3【ハワイ サーフィン】

[Music] so yeah this is my studio it’s kind of rainy today but we’re inside and I can’t show you guys a little bit of what I’ve been working on this is the studio the drone just crashed it yeah but these shorts are from James MTV’s Club these shoes are just some vans my wife bought just keeping it classy and then the shirt is it looks like a shotgun s but it’s actually means we can twist it’s my friends company out of London these shorts and I’m wearing actually are for a clothing company that I shoot for but this is a video that we just finish [Applause] [Music] yeah that’s pretty much it I mean some some art for my friends this is like each part I don’t know I really see it Road Trip since memory they have been a you really see it but is pretty much why I invited or shooting yeah that’s that’s pretty much it did you guys enjoy you

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