Surfing Lifestyle in Hawaii Episode43 :Surfer boy Kaena part 1【ハワイ サーフィン】

[Music] [Music] so what’s your name and where you’re and I’m throwing my monado I’m 12 years old I’m in seventh grade [Music] how’d you first started getting into surfing Evie mom’s on a big day after like a storm were tsunami and then my mom’s let me out on the hot side and she pushed me on a few waves and then yeah [Music] you write short board in long word um depends on what kind of wave it is yeah we’re gonna ride I got it for my uncle Evans on this car it’s cause of backerboard shape right suit and then the things that I write or cause um official [Music] this is my mom my name is mellow Camacho she taking shrimpy every time my favorite

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