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My name is Ben Collison, from Gold Coast, When I’m not surfing, I’m on my Smoothstar. I started about 2 years ago, I don’t even like walking anymore, I just want have it under my feet all the times. I wouldn’t call it skating, I would call it… surfing on land. It’s not like any other skateboard. You have got the back trucks that are but that’s like the fins where it holds, but then you got the front trucks that swivels like when you take off on a wave, you swivel you find that line and you hold it and then get to the top of lip and you release and compress out of it… I use percentages for everything and… this is a very high percentages of surfing, very high and its very unique I have tried every board and nothing gives you the same feeling as surfing… nothing. When I’m coming into a turn, I like to get as low as I can and hold the bottom turn as low as you can with your hands in front of you guiding to where you are going and been as you low as you can with your knees bent is most important compress out of it, guide your hands and just drive on the top… and then compress back down and… the feeling of it… is just amazing when you get it naturally.

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  1. Hey Vincent – thanks for your comment – good point to raise. SmoothStar has been around for about 9 years now, our product has a patent so how can we copy? That would be illegal right? We get plenty of other riders saying they now prefer SmoothStar than Carver Skateboards. Technically they say: 

    1. It is a smoother and consistant ride and turning arc.

    2. Tighter turning arc for more critical turning. 

    3. Fast self propelling action.

    There are a few other points but these are the main ones.

    So – rather than criticise Ben for his comment, perhaps you should try a SmoothStar and see for yourself.

  2. I have now tried both  the Carver, and the Smooth Star,  and I preferred the SmoothStar{SS}.
    In fact I was actually rather surprised by how much I preferred the SS. 
    I am over 40, and have skated since I was 5 years young.  I have 8 boards in my quiver, from 21 to 60 inches.  I have always skated like i am surfing,  so my style is very carving. Hence my love for trucks like the Revenge Alpha on my Koastal, the Original S8, and the Gullwing Sidewinder.  
    However, since trying the Smoothstar,  I have been blown away by just how fantastic they are. 

  3. @Goncalo Figueiredo Thanks for your informative comment. SmoothStar has a legal patent almost 10 years old now. Patents are used to protect copying. So it is hard to argue your case that we copied Carver. Carver Skateboards is a good product. However, we get many emails from people saying that they have tried both and SmoothStar is better for surfing. Have you tried SmoothStar? Perhaps you should give it a go for yourself?

  4. Dont understand the carver smoothstar thing. why cant two people come up with the same idea?
    Its actually similar to an idea I had then looked online and found someone had done the hard work of putting the idea through its paces already! sweet saves me the hassle of using my brain and bought carver trucks for my lush board!
    Love it just like surfing. reckon there probably quite similar. Its all about going out skating and having fun! smoothstar carver whatever both seem like good solid products that do what there meant too! Surf the streets!

  5. When are you guys updating your website because i really want to see all the new stuff and everything that will be fixed

  6. Follow me on Instagram for updated current Smoothstar clips 
    I will also respond for any further information regarding Smoothstar skateboards for surfers.

    I have ridden every skate product over the years, and nothing comes close to surfing as smoothstar does!
    Smoothstar is the most addictive product, because you can surf on land all day & all night.
    Even if you don't surf for 3 months, and you HAVE ridden smoothstar everyday for 3 months
    your surfing ability will be a lot greater because you have practiced on land.
    I have studied this product and its resemblance to surfing for years, and i am stoked to see my surfing levels 
    are growing rapidily!

    Smoothstar are currently in the process of making new videos with myself and other new team riders.
    These new videos are going to override the Surf skate industry, shot from all over the east coast of Australia,
    various Surfing locations and lots of parks. 

  7. Kind of unprofessional to say how your product is so much better than another's directly like smoothstar is doing in the comments.. Don't see the need for that lol

  8. this is quite simple for me, you try it, and then be the most sincered as possible with yourself. I was, and chosen SmoothStar, sold my Glutier(same front truck as Carver). And my friends who have ridden it, they all agree. The prices for all this products should not be so high, that´s the pity of all of them!

  9. I've never used smooth star but the trucks system looks quite similar to Carver's C7. But nowadays people rides more the CX than the C7 thats what makes them think Smooth Star is worst but its not, its better for surfing cut backs, carves and turns. Carver CX looks more like skateboard like Collison said. Theyre both great, it depends of your riding style.

  10. I'm a skateboarder who always wanted to surf….I can do backside bertlmans….cant seem to approach my Frontsides yet… style of skateboarding is bowls and pools, have respect for the z-boys who put the surf style and aggressive aspect to skateboarding…. they also surf.

  11. I currently ride a Dusters Cazh with Carver CX.4 trucks, and although I really love my board, I'd really really like a Smoothstar.
    Please bring your boards to South Africa guys!!

  12. I personally prefer carver to smoothstar I have tried both but there are little differences to the feel of the carver which I prefer but then again others prefer smooth star because we need to remember it is down to personal preference

  13. cause its fun to skate alitle bit beter then carver but the cx carver truck is wayyy similar to the surfing and can help you allot with the manouvers

  14. I've tried carver, original, and my favourite is SmoothStar! I self taught on a smooth star and even though it was a little difficult at first i was already carving within the first hour! Carving all day and Its even great going up big hills and I don't even have to kick to get up the hill And you can't say that about any other boards. I have a 36" galaxy cruiser. Maybe one of the first designs from smooth star and its still better than even the newest boards on the market.

  15. SMOOTHSTAR & Carver are very different, Smoothstar is unique is resembling a surfing movement unlike carver it feels more like skateboard both CX AND C7 trucks.
    All elite surfers in ustralia give SMOOTHSTAR a 100% surftraining rating

  16. Got one for myself and my wife, just like surfing. Even the pressure you put on the rails from heel to toe has about the same pressure as the rails on your surf board. I'm 53 and my wife is 43. WE ride them everyday and it is definitely better than the carver, not even close. One of the best things I have gotten myself in years. People stop me on my street everyday and comment on how much it looks like surfing. Recommend them to all of my surfing friends. I even ride it in the big bowl at the park sometimes!

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  18. This is just what skateboarding originally was lol… Just boards and BMX in empty swimming pools, + a lot of scum water bucketing.
    Ppl actually liked us for cleaning their pool and let us use it till it was demolished, then again there was no such thing as law-suits if you got hurt.

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