Surfing Showdown in Mundaka – Red Bull Rivals Spain 2014

Mundaka is one of the best waves
in the world. Being here is very special for me…
I’m so excited. The wave is amazing,
and we’ll see how it goes. Let’s see if it’s true,
if the Mundaka wave is as they say. This time the second leg
is in Mundaka, in the Peninsula. And really, I can’t wait
to start surfing already. We play at home this time,
feeling confident, but hey, they also played at home there
and didn’t succeed. So anything can happen… It was all new to us, and this time we are going
for the best wave. The level is very tight. See, Jonny? These are waves,
and not what you have in the Canaries. Are you ready? Ready? Let’s jump in
and I’ll show you. No, wait, here we do things differently. To see who competes first tomorrow,
I challenge you: Your team against mine. We compete one on one, I’m competing against Jonathan. We are the two captains. And then we have a round
in which we all compete together. You can also score points for best wave,
and best maneuver. Three, two, one… MAN-ON-MAN HEAT Well, we already know
Mundaka is an incredible wave. Just being there is a luxury. Enjoying the swim, yes. There are some great waves. I was competing against Antonio,
I beat him in the Canaries, and well, he got even. The wave just didn’t come. The round that I enjoyed most
was the girls’. I was pleasantly surprised. Second but pleased,
because it was really difficult. Mine and Gony’s round was intense. I decided to take a chance,
and managed to beat him in the last wave. TEAMS’ HEAT BEST TUBE
Pablo Solar – Peninsula Team BEST WAVE
Antonio Marqués – Canaries Team BEST MANEUVER
Gony Zubizarreta – Peninsula Team OVERALL WINNERS RED BULL RIVALS 2014:
in this first edition of Red Bull Rivals: The Peninsula team! In the end you won by a whisker. Yeah, well, here on the peninsula
we like it so, with a little thrill. But this doesn’t end here: Next year, Peninsula and Canaries
will face each other again. We’ll see.

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