Surfing the Dark Web so You Don’t Have to… Here’s What I Found

– Disclaimer, do not do
this yourself at home. Do not access the dark web. That is why I’m doing it here
today, so you don’t have to. (laughs nervously) I’m all hot and sweaty. I don’t wanna do this. I do not wanna do this! All right, so there’s this
thing called the dark web. Just in case you don’t know what it is, first thing you’ve got the normal web. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,
Instagram, all this stuff. Everybody can access it. That’s the normal web, right? And then you’ve got the deep web. The deep web is used by companies
and stuff, I do believe, I’m not 100% sure, you know, it’s like, it’s not accessible to the public, but companies use it to keep records of staff and customers
and all this kinda stuff. So that’s all, like, hidden,
but it exists to companies? I think? (laughs) Then you’ve got the dark web, all right, the dark web is like the deep web, but companies don’t use it or anything. You can only access the websites
if you have the address. Things like Google and Yahoo,
if anybody ever uses Yahoo, these websites cannot find
the dark web websites. They’re all hidden,
they’re all weird stuff, it’s not even like .com or or anything like that, it’s .onion, which is a
bit weird as well. (laughs) So you need special software
to access these websites, you can’t just go on Google Chrome or anything like that to access these. You need a special browser, and you also need a lot of security. You don’t just need antiviruses and stuff, you need proxies, VPN things, whatever, you need these to hide your location, ’cause if just you accessing
one of these dark web websites, people can find your exact location, easily hack onto your computer, get your banking information
and all that stuff. So you’ve gotta be very secure. I’ve taken all the safety precautions, and I’m doing this right now. Just to see what it is, you know? ‘Cause some people may be curious, but they don’t wanna access it themself. So I’ve got this old laptop right here. I spent all day completely wiping all my private information off this thing. I’ve reinstalled Windows,
I’ve got the software on it, I’ve got all the security
stuff ready to go. So here we are, I’m gonna
access it on this old laptop. I’m not doing this on my normal laptop, I’m not doing this on my normal computer, no way, I’ve got too much stuff on there. I do not wanna get hacked. I access my banking on there and stuff, I’m not getting hacked, I’m
not getting hacked, bro, I’m not getting hacked today! Sorry, I got a bit out of hand then. Oh, I’m so scared, I’m
so scared right now. So what I’m gonna do is first,
I’m going on a normal website that has a list of some
of these onion websites, and then from there, maybe
we can find more stuff. Let’s access the dark web
and see what there is. So I’m just loading up the software, it’s just blank like this. I’ve just found this website,
so it’s like deep.web or something, I don’t know. A list of all these things. Let’s look at Dream Market. Here is the address to
go onto the Dream Market. It’s just come up, Dream
Market, you’ve gotta log in. You can’t even see what’s on there without making an account. I’m gonna have to sign up. I don’t like signing up
to dark web websites, but it’s the only way we can access it. That’s what this video is all about. All right, we’re straight
in in here, oh my God. I’m not gonna look what’s there. I don’t know, I might
have to blur some stuff. ‘Cause it might be too bad for YouTube. So over here, we got browse by category. We got digital goods, drugs,
drugs, drugs paraphernalia, services, and other. Oh, not many categories, but they are some strong
categories. (laughs) Oh, no. But let’s look what digital goods are. Let’s have a see what digital goods means. I don’t know if it’s this
laptop, ’cause it’s so old, it’s slow, I don’t know if
these onion websites are slow, but it takes forever for
websites to load, man. All right, we’re here. 10,000 Instagram followers
for 0.0102 bitcoin. I forgot to mention,
everything you buy here, I think you can only buy with bitcoin, which is like virtual currency. I know, ’cause I think it’s untraceable. I’m not too sure on that. So, let’s look for 0.0102, all right, so let’s convert that
bitcoin into real money. $36. So for $30, you can get
10,000 Instagram followers. What? That’s crazy. Spider-Man. You can get Spider-Man on PS4. 0.0001. $0.52! It’s not even a dollar. Not even a dollar, and you
can get Spider-Man on PS4. Wow, why haven’t I been on here before? Oh my god, well all right, then. So other than cheap
games and fake followers, what else can we get? You can get a Spotify premium account for, like, less than a dollar again. USA CC/CVV 100% lived, driver’s license, you can buy credit card information and driver’s license. Just let that sink in, you can
buy credit card information on the dark web. I’ve got subcategories. So in digital goods, you
can then go on to fraud, and hacking. Oh, just to let you know as well, looking at the dark web is not illegal. It is legal to look. Once you start spending
money, or downloading stuff, then it gets illegal. So, this right here is still legal. Fraud, so this is under
the fraud category. Private darknet directory. So I’m guessing that means you can buy all these private .onion website links that you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve just found this
website through Google. And it’s selling illegal stuff. Imagine what’s out there that
you can’t find on Google. Facebook Blaster Pro,
private hacker software. Facebook hacking software. How to steal a car with
no problem. (laughs) What? Australian passport template, phone cracker 2018, iOS and Android. Hack any WiFi easy. How to bypass SMS phone verification. Personal bank account. You can buy bank accounts? How to get free clothes,
Tommy Hilfiger/Ralph Lauren. How to profit illegally from Bitcoin. 16,000 onion link directories. I do wanna surf the dark web, but I’m not doing anything illegal. I’m not spending any money whatsoever. I’m just doing what I can
to bypass it all legally. All right, all right,
that’s enough for digital, let’s just have a look at
hacking, what hacking is it? Ultimate hacking megapack,
the ultimate bitcoin stealer, hacking firewalls and
networks, how to hack a ATM. How to hack an ATM! You just come in here 0.01, $0.52, you can buy a guide on how to hack an ATM. Bro, you can make loads
of money, oh ho ho, why haven’t I been on here earlier? I’m joking, I’m joking! (laughs) I’m not doing this, I’m
not, I’m just looking. Until I turn the camera
off, and then I’m gonna, I’m not, I’m not, I’m
not gonna buy anything. How to spy on other
people’s WhatsApp chat. No way! How to spy on people’s
WhatsApp, Jesus Christ! Why, what’s this one as well? Take full control of mobile phones! Geez, and all this is not even expensive. For like less than a dollar, you can find out how to do this stuff. This is crazy, I’m going,
I’m going, I’m going. Let’s look at these other categories. Drugs. Pretty straightforward what
you’re gonna find here. But let’s go, let’s have a look, I’m probably gonna have to blur this. All right, here we are. (woman grunts)
Kind of. (woman grunts)
In 50 Donald Trump pills, in green. What’s a Donald Trump pill? I don’t even know what half of these are, I’ve just heard of the name. (woman grunts) Jesus! That’s page one of 2,666. Mario Carts, this one’s
called Mario Carts. THC vape cartridges. I can’t believe this, I
cannot believe that this, this took me half an hour
to access the dark web. And here I am, able to
buy drugs, and hack stuff, and learn how to, yeah,
spy on people’s WhatsApp. This is crazy! How is this all existing, and
you don’t even know about it? It’s insane! One gram of
(woman grunts) 0.0268 bitcoin. 0.0268 is $96. $96 dollars for one gram of.
(woman grunts) I don’t know the rate, I don’t know if that’s expensive or cheap, but that’s a lot of money
to spend on something that, like, I don’t even know
what you do with it! (laughs) I don’t even know, I’m never doing it. All right, all right, I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough of that. I’ve had enough of the drugs. What about, services, let’s
see what services we can buy. You can buy certificates,
driver’s licenses, passports, IDs, man, this is insane. Physical cloned Latvian
ID and driving license. So just think, if you lose
your passport or something, chances are there’s people
on here buying clones of it and pretending to be you. That is scary. UK passport scan collection. We got UK ones now. UK driver’s license. Why bother taking your
test and having lessons? Just buy a fake UK driver’s license. High quality, 0.134 bitcoin, what’s that? $480, which is like 400
Great British pounds, just buy a fake driver’s license. Email bomber, 80,000 emails. So you can pay to have 80,000 emails sent to one person (laughs). That’s crazy, I’m done, I’m done, I’m done with this website, let’s see what else is out there. This is a Facebook. There’s a dark web Facebook. I’m not on Facebook or anything,
I know what it looks like, but this looks like the proper Facebook. The logo and everything. But it’s on facebookcorewwi.onion. All right, so this one’s
called The Hidden Wiki. So I guess it’s like
Wikipedia, but hidden. Financial services. Oh, so it’s not, this wiki,
this hidden wiki is like, like a directory of other websites. All right, The PayPal Cent. Grab a few cents from the rich. What? The PayPal Cent, agh! What, this is crazy. This is, what? (laughs) You can buy PayPal accounts with money on. So this is an account here, right? It’s got $2,000 in, and
you buy it for just $200. So you’re buying a
PayPal account for $200, and there’s $2,000 on there. That is unreal. This one’s got $684 on, it costs just 78. I can’t believe it, man. (laughs) Wow. I can’t understand it. So people are, like, stealing
money from people on PayPal, putting it in an account,
and then selling the account. All right, and this one, premium cards. You’re in the right place. We do not provide
clones/stolen credit cards, we are specialized in prepaid cards. We have preloaded the cards with funds so there’s no previous owner. Therefore this type of card is risk-free. So you’re buying Mastercards,
Visa cards and stuff, with money on, but for less
money than what’s on there. I don’t understand it! Why, how, why are these people doing this? What’s for sale, then, what we got? Products. All right, so you got, like,
US dollar prepaid debit cards. All right, so you get one card for $120. And on that card you’ll
get at least $2,500. And it can go up to $3,500. This is illegal, remember. Don’t go doing this,
please, don’t go copying and going on this
website and buying these, it is illegal, you’re buying stolen money. Fake passport, ID sale, hacking team, chat with strangers, talk
to random users anonymously. They’ve got their own social
media, social network, things here, forums. Why do you need a forum on the dark web? Why can’t you just have the
forum on the normal web? All right, so I’ve found this one, it’s called The Stock Insiders. It says welcome to the
dark side of Wall Street. Apparently, you talk about how to, like, manipulate the stock market
and make money on there. Not got a clue. If you don’t know what Wall Street is, it’s like banks, stocks, and stuff, there’s a popular film about
it with Leonardo DiCaprio. And then there’s other forum
here called Hell forum. I’m not signing up, I’m not
logging in, but apparently, it’s to do, you, like,
talk to other people about making viruses and
how to hack and stuff, all really dodgy stuff. I don’t wanna be a part of this, so I’m just gonna click, oh, straight off. I’m just telling you what’s on there. What’s this? Veniceman killer hitman service. The only real killer in Tor. I’m gonna have to blur this,
I’m gonna have to blur this. Here we go, wait, wait, wait. I offer killer services. I am the only legit
killer on the dark web, and I meet personally
all my clients who ask, so you can judge me better. My business is trusted
because I put my face in it and my personal risk. I offer mainly killings and injuries. Also, some clients have been
asking for damages, fires, finding disappeared
people, investigations. I am willing to evaluate other
custom services on request. At least he’s helping to
find disappeared people. But, then he also kills
and injures people. I’m done, I’m done, I’m done. I’m taking this, I’m
logging out of the dark web. I’m going to destroy this laptop. I cannot be seen on here!

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