This is a huge stream of moisture that’s coming in it’s going to be non-stop rain pretty much from Friday morning through very early Saturday morning My names Leo Professional surfer from Australia Hasn’t rained a lot in LA, you know when it does we gotta take advantage of the situation We’ll see what we’ve got out there ughhh, this one’s for my family mainly Alright Tessa are you going to go? I dont know Tessa You idiot oi mateys’ They said that I couldn’t do it but I did Imma punch some sharks the next time it rains Jake Paulers its everyday bro make sure you’re subscribed to keep up with my life on a daily basis and if you want to see more content, check out yesterday’s vlog because it is super lit plus I have a second channel jake Paul two which you guys can subscribe to it right now and if you want to see more content from everyone in the house our group channel is called team ten check it! see you guys tomorrow, peace!

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