Surfing through Portugal with Vasco Ribeiro

Starting to surf came to me
as a natural thing. My grandfather’s coffee shop
is a stone throw from Poça Beach… I started when I was 7
and won my first trophy when I was 9. I realized that competing was a part of me
and I haven’t stopped doing it ever since. I won a lot of events
and twice became national champion but I know and feel
that surfing isn’t only that. It’s also chasing good swells and having fun with my friends. I enjoy each of these moments in my life and give my best in each one of them. That’s what surfing means to me and I look at both with GO4It.

16 thoughts on “Surfing through Portugal with Vasco Ribeiro”

  1. Me and my friend are making long and penny board video's. The video's are shaky, does anyone have tips to keep the camera stable? Or maby even give a feedback from our editing? Only if you want to, it would be really awsome!

  2. i had some information that maybe you guys want to know they are surfing in zavial beach close to villa do obispo and raposeira really good waves out there

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