Surfing Workout: Become a Stronger Surfer : Triceps Workouts for Surfers

Welcome to Expert Village. I am Schell Michael
and in this segment we are going to be talking about your surfer’s workout. Alright, now
let’s talk about getting those triceps strong. Yes, the loosey goosey, the meat, the flap,
whatever you want to call it. You can make it strong and it won’t have to hang there
anymore. Something that works really well is “dips”. Whether it be in between, I don’t
know, anything pretty much and you can just dip down and use a chair or you can also have
a bench behind you just about like maybe knee to waist high. And you just lean on that and
you will be kind of like in this position and then you will just kind of dip like that
and that will get that strong back here. That will help your paddling and that will help
everything out there and you will just look better too. So, yeah, get those triceps going.
Also, incorporating the band once again would be great. Just wrap it around, gab that thing,
get into this position and just use the band back like that and you can see it flex right
here and you will feel it after a few reps. You can be doing it with small weights, anything
you can really get your hands on, Can of spinach. It worked for Popeye. So you can just do that
and it will look great.

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