Surf’s Up! Web Page Elements

(Narrator:) Web and HTML elements. Throughout this lesson you’ll hear us referring to web and HTML elements. [Intro music fades] A web or HTML element
can be almost anything on a web page. They are what give web pages their
structure. Some of these elements you will be able to interact with using JAWS
like edit boxes which allow you to enter text or combo boxes which allow you to
make a selection. Others like still graphics won’t allow you to interact
with them as much. We have updated and revised our “Surf’s Up! Surfing the
Internet with JAWS” training and we are going to take a quick peek at the web
elements section we added to that. Let’s go look. Our focus is now on the web elements lesson on Surf’s Up! Let’s take a peek and see what JAWS has to say is here. (JAWS:) Elements are used to create the structure of a web page and are used to present information in
various ways. JAWS interacts with these elements to provide the information you
need to access the page contents. Some of the most common web page elements you will encounter include : bullet links, bullet paragraphs, bullet headings,
bullet numbered and bulleted lists, tables bullet regions, bullet images, bullet form
controls including radio buttons, edit fields, checkboxes, combo boxes, lists
boxes and buttons. (N:) JAWS has listed you some web elements there and we’re not
going to go into too much detail about what each of those are and how to
interact with each one as that’s a lesson to itself. We’re going to focus on
just the concept of web elements. Continue down this page you will find a
lot more information about web elements like the quick nav information that
Elizabeth will cover with you on navigating the internet as well as
information and keyboard commands for how to list different elements on a web
page and that’s what I’d like to talk about for just a moment now. We have
moved our focus once again and we are now at I will demo for you several of the keyboard commands you can use within JAWS to list web or HTML elements on a web page. We’ll start with INSERT+F3 or JAWS Key+F3. I’ll do it now. (J:) Virtual HTML features
dialog. List one. List view anchors list. 1 of 21. (N:) I have opened a dialog with
INSERT+F3 that lists several different HTML or web elements that can appear on a page. I can use the UP and DOWN ARROWS to navigate. (J:) Articles list. Block quotes
list. Buttons list. Check boxes list. Lists list. Paragraphs lists. (N:) And you’ve heard
a number of different types of web or HTML elements that could possibly be on
a page. When I reach the one I’d like I’m gonna go ahead and press ENTER. (J:) ENTER. (N:) What’s happened is the previous dialog box closed and a new one opened and what’s
listed in this dialog box are all of the paragraphs that are marked on this page
as web elements. I’m going to use the DOWN ARROW to browse through. (J:) Fusion training resources. The JAWS registered sign training page is your one-stop source for finding free training materials in a variety of formats and on
a range of topics. Surf’s Up Internet Navigation training is now on the JAWS
training resources page. (N:) And you’ll see that each of those paragraphs that is marked, JAWS will read the first line which appears in this dialog. I’ll press ESCAPE now. (J:) ESC. Two other commands that are very handy for listing web elements on a page are INSERT+F6 or JAWS Key+F6 and INSERT+F7 or JAWS Key+F7. INSERT+F6 lists all
the headings on a page. Whereas INSERT+F7 lists the links on a
page. I’ll demo INSERT+F6 now. (J:) Heading list dialog. Headings list view. Training and certification : 1. 1 of 10. (N:) Again I can down arrow through this for navigation. (J:) Fusion Training Resources : 2. (N:) And you’ll hear the different heading levels mentioned. (J:) JAWS Training Resources : 2. ZoomText Training Resources : 2. (N:) I’ll press ESCAPE now. (J:) ESC. (N:) It’s a handy way to jump through a page with many many headings. And now we’ll
look at INSERT+F7. I’ll press that now. (J:) Links list dialog. Links list view. JAWS
Training Resources 14 of 39. (N:) The links list is an extremely valuable tool when you’re browsing the internet as there can be so many possible links on one
page. This compiles them all together in one
dialog box that you can navigate with first letter navigation or the arrow
keys. I’ll press HOME to make sure I’m at the top of the links list. (J:) HOME. Freedom Scientific. (N:) And the first link in this list is the Freedom Scientific home page.
I’ll press ENTER to activate it. (J:) Enter. (N:) I mentioned INSERT+F3 to list all of the web elements possibly on a page as well as INSERT+F6 to list headings, INSERT+F7 to list links and there’s one more that I don’t use as often but you can also
use INSERT+F5 to list all the form fields on a page. his can be extremely
useful if you’re filling out a page with a lot of edit fields. Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand. [Outro music] If you are interested in other training please visit us on the web at And on YouTube on our Freedom Scientific Training channel.

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