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Welcome to the Zen Underground shaping room.
We’re here to talk about some of our board models. Today we have the
Synergy twin which is a variation of our keel fin design but with other elements
that we’re going to talk about so we can talk about what this board’s good for and the
type of surf the type of surfer and what really makes this board come alive.
All the little things that make it magic. And for surf, this board really
works well on the surf we have here in Southern California from that kind of
medium, fair to medium sized to head high. A lot of times we don’t have waves that
have a lot of top to bottom to them so this board does generate a lot of speed.
So it’ll do everything that a fish will do. It’ll do everything a fish won’t do.
We try to use the combination of numerous elements in this board in this
package and that’s why the board it has the name the Synergy twin and
which we stay pretty true to the traditional keel fin outline , semi-
parallel rails slightly pulled in tail and the differences in this outline
opposed to our traditional keel is very subtle. Changes made are a little more pulled in nose also but stays pretty much tried and true to that standard outline
the design elements of the synergy twin offers a lot of flexibility and going
more towards the performance side of a fish. It still has our our parallel outline
which and a low and a low of that low rocker and that little rocker keeping
everything since that semi flat here keeps the board really fast
tons of paddle power but as we get to the last third of the board we have this
deep center type, hydro bottom concave with V through here
creating a lot of drive and keeping the ability to have that acceleration on
turns and that quick rail-to-rail response that you always don’t get with
a fish but almost took that “feel” you give of the short board and combined
with on the tail we have these slightly fluted wings just to give a little
release out of the tail to keep this thing loose and a little bit
livelier. Overall we’re keeping the whole tail block is a lot thinner than
traditional fish due to what we have going on the deck side too. And we’ll talk
about that in a minute but this whole bottom is a single concave from
just after your front foot to that deep hydro hull concave to here about a
little more than a quart of quarter inch almost a half inch to vee out the back of
the tips, to just really channel water push water through here and create a lot
of speed ,lift and keeping the board really really sensitive. Getting into the
contours our deck side here is we have a semi flat
deck running all the way to the property the last third of the board and back
here which is unique for this design is we have this tunnel concave through the
last third that starts at the same position as our hydro concave on the
bottom but this really allows you to have your foot a little bit lower on the
board actually lower towards the water and you get incredible leverage on your
heel side and your toe side you tend to give you that feeling as you would in a
binding on a snowboard so you can really push on your turns and keeping that volume removed on the top and bottom side keeps the whole tail tail area a lot thinner
so you get a lot more sensitivity out of the board the board never feels stiff .
In summary is a great board for you increased paddle power to have something
that you’ll feel confident on , but just a speed generator and have something that
if you want a board that will really surprise you and a board that will turn go rail
the rail come off the top and be right under your
feet. Again an equivalent board as we talked
about will do everything that a traditional fish will do and everything that a fish
won’t do. Actually it seems to be a fish
that has that traditional feel of a short board in the feel and the flow.
This board is available in standard polyester PU like this or even epoxy
finish and this one is actually is a custom which was glassed by (lights-out
glassing) we have a combination of matte deck and bottom but with a polished
rail here just to give that that contrast to set it off and with this
board we think it you know something that you know adds just the aesthetics
and that’s Lights out Glassing.

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  1. Thanks for watching the first video in our new series: the Zen Underground. Look for more in depth reviews of the entire Zen Surfboards model line up to come. What is your favorite fin setup for a fish? Go vote in the poll on the video.

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