Tarifa y las ruinas romanas de Baelo Claudia

Tarifa and the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia The water is very cold! (speaking like a Spanish) I can no longer … This happens when I drink beer … The Jerez Gate was built in the 13th century, when the city was under Benmerí control. The main church of San Mateo is the main parochial temple and was built in 1506 on the remains of an old mosque. This type of construction is called “juderías”. A very typical village bar. Here they eat a very good “cocido” croquettes. What does “cocido” means? What does “cocido” mean? It’s a meat soup. ¡Meat soup! They cook meat soup! No. They cook croquettes with that meat. The first source of water of the town. It has a face! I think it was built in 1851 (1831). So beautiful fountain! Frogs Square. Neomudejár building built in 1929. What is it? This is the library and the municipal archive. It’s so nice! Wind Square And there, we can see a part of the ancient wall. Ant there you can see perfectly Africa. Can you see it? The land line behind the ships. I am all the time trying to catch and understand what they are speaking about. I love it. They are so hilarious (the Andalusians). Castle of Guzman the Good. Caliphate construction from the 10th century. Inside there are remains of Roman ruins. Sancho IV in 1292 conquered Tarifa by expelling the Benimerines (Berbers from northern Morocco). An artist! An artist! Studying psychiatry, psychology and enduring it every day that is the one I do not overcome. Architect. Civil engineer. The road is there and the fool does not stop and go on and on. Channel and port engineer. And now I’m studying Aramaic: now I piss here now I piss there (pun in Spanish). I am a perfect killing machine: I don’t kill them, I let them catching flies. Ask him what inheritance his grandmother left him. Ask him what inheritance his grandmother left him. What? Ask him what inheritance his grandmother left him. What inheritance your grandmother left you? What inheritance your grandmother left you? Inheritance? Yes, your grandmother. My grandmother left me a niche overlooking the sea. I’m going to die as an important person. I have more land than the Duchess of Alberete of my grandparents. Nice! nice! I’m going to make you the old seagull. The streets here were made very narrow. Very narrow, look what that is. Because the wind. Thus, the wind does not bother people when they are walking through the town. I love this door. Let’s going there. This is really narrow. I love this place. The narrower, the cuter it is. Do not drown your sorrows in wine because they are made of cork and float. So funny. And we came back here. What is this? Chicharrones. This is Arab food but he doesn’t know yet (it is really similar to Arab food). And this is the famous paella. With seafood. Up and cross. You catched it! One, two, three… Karate posture. He is trying to conquer me, an Andalusian. But look what eyes. Look, look what he is doing. Picture or video? Picture or video? Look there, this is my good side. He always moves his breast to me. Look. You look… And what do you do? Laugh. Andalusia is “the most”! On top of that, you are getting the cell phone closer and my eyes are tired. I do like this… I can’t see anything. In Café del Mar (bar). Let’s go to Bologna beach to see the Roman ruins! I just met a friend from Barcelona. Hello! How are you? You can find him in @pautravelmotos. Look what we did because they won’t let me in with an electric scooter. We tie it there. In order to enter the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia. The archaeological site of Baelo Claudia is a Roman factory city in very good condition. In the third century A.D. It was greatly affected by an earthquake and finally in the seventh century it was completely abandoned. Here we have a Greek mini parthenon, and there is the beach. So nice! He tells me that the motorcycle has a reverse gear. Is he backing up? You are doing with your feet! It has reverse! 350 kilos! Bolonia beach. Tarifa viewpoints. Thanks to all the characters from Tarifa who were so warm, kind and made me laugh so much. Laughter is one of the best gifts one can give. And thanks to Dani for the walks and for the good company. COMING SOON. Maps.me and Google Maps sent me to a wrong path. It is a dirty road… The only option is the highway. So scary.

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  1. Hola, que genial video y esas ruinas están increíbles, tus vídeos son tan diferentes a todos los que suben que la mayoría son sin sentido y sin razón de ser, aparte de no tener ese ángel y carisma que tú derramas, te mando un fuerte abrazo y que Dios te cuide y proteja un tu travesía.

  2. …el encanto del mar. Mientras mas estrechas las calles, mas sombra y como no; menos viento. Enjoy Andalucía quilla de mi arma!!

  3. Hola Guada.. saludos desde Tucuman.. hoy viendo videos de motos encontre un video tuyo (mujer y motociclista) me parecio muy bueno lo que dijiste en ese video!.. asi q entre a tu canal y me gusto mucho ya me suscribi jaja.. q sigas bien en tus aventuras.. suerte sos una genia!

  4. Precioso paseo por Tarifa, y sus calles, y veo que te llevaron a un buen sitio para tapear decentemente, La playa de Bolonia no decepciona…. ya ves que el aire la hace impracticable con demasiada frecuencia. ME pregunto que vas a hacer ahora…. volver en patinete??…. ya nos sorprenderas…

  5. Admirable lo tuyo Guada.. Adelante hasta Montilla y Aguilar de la Frontera. Muy lindos lugares. Saludos desde Argentina.

  6. Yo lo que quiero saber es como hay 2 a quien no les gustó! Pero si es un encanto mi sobrinieta viajera, patinetera! Es un encanto!

  7. Escuchá diosa miaaaaaa!!! estás en el #Capítulo 11 del Libro de Charlysinewan!!! llegó a México entre hoy y mañana lunes 28-10-2019…¡¡¡¡Felicitaciones!!!…besossssss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCIKKm9rBlo

  8. Espero que Editorial Planeta lo pueda imprimir aquì en la Argentina, asì lo compro…Y ¡¡¡Seguì con la patineteeee???!!…
    Diossssssssssssssss !!!

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