TEW; Surfing Europe Ep2 ‘The Seed of Portuguese Surfing’

Mundek it was absolutely amazing what out but now we’re heading south towards ericeira and sintra and hopefully Nick Vaughn ruff is gonna be home and he’s one of the best young surfers in Europe probably the world Obregon hey how’s it going Mac let’s see what yeah nice to see you mate the board rocks looking healthy tear this one this is actually shaped by Nick Nick is an amazing shaper man for me he’s world-class if you go by Aris arrow anywhere in Portugal you got certain people it’s a must to meet and Nick is definitely one of those people you know yeah I think we should go fantastic that I’d love to me the real Nick here the real dog this is Mark how you doing man how you doing but yeah good to see ya you’re originally from America Nick yeah everything from California came over here and ended up planning myself over here in Portugal I came in 1978 it’s like you know if you’re a Californian think God would love to surf here before anybody was here back in the day or whatever and you also see this place you’re going got no one here when you moved over do you ready know the potential of the the place no idea you got no idea no idea my first travel in Europe I didn’t think about surfing how was this seen in the early days how the surf scene was great there was a Portuguese local crowd but really small handful of guys there was a lot going on already in England and France and Spain and that Authority making boards you had Bilbo’s surf shops you’d have surf shops or anything that you know I mean why do you think that it started a little bit later here in Portugal revolution was in 1974 now before the Revolution you know you talk about a dictatorship there wasn’t that much Liberty and the surfing was not on the map at the time there wasn’t that many there weren’t that many guys doing it everything kind of started happening after the Revolution in Portugal classic sake you’re right right place at the right cell you go yeah it is a right place right down if if I look back when we started what’s the worst business plan you can make let’s make surfboards here all your materials are far away from you all your clients are far away from you it was like good charioteers man we had nothing wrong okay every board that we sold it was a miracle that we sold a problem when we moved up here we moved up to it pretty much for for lifestyle to surf and enjoy life and the business kind of group after that surfer started moving up here the companies like kind of started up here now the factories in the perfect spot there you go we’re wise beyond our you must be amazing like to see how the factories grown and now you’ve got an amazing team best team in Europe best in the world we well yes sorry boys I’ve actually worked a lot of the best surfers in Portugal as far as making surfboards you’re competing against the world if they’re surfing against a word so their boys got a beat as good and nasty knows everyone else’s boards aside from just making boards net that you know been able to build a solid friendship with which has been really good the family did a family but always good vibes around the surfboard factory the way I should be there you go

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