TEW; Surfing Europe Ep3 ‘The Surfing Farmers of County Clare’

I’d always heard the stories of perfect waves in Ireland but it wasn’t until I was 18 that I came on the first trip here over here in County Clare there’s just an amazing crew of surfers that have their own farm all the lads are charged like Mad Men and apparently the boys can see the sea from the farm so as soon as the big swell hits work stops and they’re out there been meaning to come and visit the boys for a long time now so it’s great to finally be here sure how are you Cassie oh yeah good to see you mate all good facts come in right exciting times first water from this bro it could be a beautiful morning I don’t know if there is any other nutters that wake up and 3:45 to go in there we go what do you think of Z get me cranky look here we go breakfast time Frankie porridge porridge and Guinness hey it’s good to be here get to be here and finally see what you’ve been up to it’s that Fogle over there it is yeah mr. Smith Oh everything’s all coaches they get to see it been too long beautiful day to turn up space to see it all in all in action yeah amazing me I’ve heard so much about the farm forgets so good to be here and I visit check it out but for yourself growing has been with you since day one yes I’ve always been a farm kid like I grew up on a farm and then went surfing it was a dream of mine to leave a little farm inland Mayo to go be you know a surfer around the world and I made that dream a reality for people think this is a big deal even you know a job that you were getting paid to go surfing to me it’s probably the best job we could ever ask for you know and my thing is bringing in surfers because we live in these rural areas but by the sea and people need food and surfers have the free time like a lot of people don’t so you’re all surfing together sir all are then come back buzzin and then he bits the work in a day or two when I would have taken one person in the whole week you know we never miss out you know we work hard when there’s no waves saying you’re not cool I suppose surfing grounding tank as surfing is quite radical for extreme 10-foot balls get your mind just like blown out let’s yeah just crazy images and then we go from the bass world to fancy spots let’s weed the carrots and it just brings you from this world of just amazing wild fun right down to the ground then you just blank with Whedon back to the garden back to the garden legend Ferg taught me through the little technique Mitchell turn it over what it’s fluffy like mash exactly like here we go that’s that’s the goal that’s not gonna be friendly fraternities it so we just walk onto the top of the hill and keep an eye on it is that so yeah sneaky peek maybe some waves let’s do it yeah fingers crossed just have a look wait there show me you hurt he’s got too long sir and you still got soil ingrained in your hands from grafting on the farm you are some boy Mitchell scrubber some boy

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  1. Endless 2; Surfing Europe is Now available on DVD….


  2. whilst others jabber over endless aerials and "pro' battles, I'm very content to view your excellent reportage. More please. Gotta go weed my veggies…

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