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ZION EFFS: I skate all day, every day, wherever I go. ZION EFFS: My full name is Zion Gabriel Effs and I love skateboarding because it’s the best thing in the world. RICHIE EFFS: Zion started skating when he
was three and he is eight years old now. I think a lot of people are freaked out by Zion.
The level he is skating right now, he is eight and he is skating like he is 16-17. ZION EFFS: This year I won like four competitions
in a row. ZION EFFS: Sometimes I’m just like, I’ll just take competitions for fun but I usually
want to win. RICHIE EFFS: When he started, there was something
about Zion. He never tried to do the regular tricks that other kids learn. He always wanted
to do technical tricks, which is kind of crazy. Most technical tricks are done by grown men
or seasoned skateboarders. ZION EFFS: My favourite thing about skateboarding is I get to learn new tricks all the time
and I get to do them, perfect them and be happy when I land them. RICHIE EFFS: And I used to say, “What the
hell is, what’s up with this little boy?” You couldn’t get him off the board. ZION EFFS: Well, my sisters had long boards
and my cousins had long boards. So, on Christmas they let me use one of their long boards.
So I asked my dad to get me a board and he got me a tiny board and I’ll always practise
like in the parking lot. RICHIE EFFS: We have a friend or a partner of mine, Danny Fuenzalida. He is a pro skater
and he is really responsible for where Zion is right now. DANNY FUENZALIDA: They showed up at Grand
Central. It was a public skate park and Richie came up and he was looking for someone to
help teach his son to skate. I said that I was like, “I don’t really teach,” you
know. But Zion’s face, when I said that, got so depressed that I was like, ‘But I’ll
roll around with him and try to show him what I know real quick.’ Then after 40 minutes,
I was like, ‘Man, this kid is awesome.’ Like I told him, I was like ‘If you want,
I’ll do a class with you, no problem.’ I’ve taught him for, I don’t know, two
and a half years. Now we’re just skate buddies. ZION EFFS: These are all the grips, I get. JAX DECKER EFFS: Zion, I want this one.
ZION EFFS: And then this is my favourite grip in the whole entire world. This is the Jimi
Hendrix grip I was talking about. INTERVIEWER: Why is that your favourite? ZION EFFS: Because it kind of looks like me. RICHIE EFFS: He has got five siblings, right?
The only man that does the same thing as him is Jax. RICHIE EFFS: Tell us, what’s your name?
JAX DECKER EFFS: Jax. RICHIE EFFS: How old are you? Say hi to the
camera. Say hi. JAX DECKER EFFS: Hi!
RICHIE EFFS: You said hi? Say hi. Say your name, say, “My name is Jax.” RICHIE EFFS: Jax and Zion, they got a really
special bond and I think it’s because of skateboarding. Jax is two years old and he
has been doing some crazy things on skateboard like, we was like ‘Wow’. ZION EFFS: Jax is really crazy. He likes to
do anything that I do or Jagger does. JAGGER EFFS: He will mess with me. I’m
like, he is like, I love him like, sometimes, he just always wants to mess with me.
ZION EFFS: Yeah he messes with Jagger. JAGGER EFFS: And gets on my nerve. RICHIE EFFS: The older he gets now, he is
getting into harder tricks and I know, soon he might get hurt but, you know what it is?
Its sports, you know. DANNY FUENZALIDA: He is the best eight-year-old. I’m going to say that for sure. He has the most
tricks and I love watching him skate. He has got style. I have no doubt in my mind that
Zion will be a professional if he continues skating. INTERVIEWER: Do you ever get tired of skateboarding?
ZION EFFS: No, well, yeah, no, no; not at all. RICHIE EFFS: Nowadays most kids are not doing
anything outdoor. Most kids are sitting inside on a computer, on their phone. Zion is doing
an outdoor activity which is really rare nowadays. And so for me, I have to spend a lot of time
to… wow, no man, shhh, I’m on the camera. You can see my house is crazy. RICHIE EFFS: I think the best thing I could
do for my son is, facilitate him. Take him everywhere he wants to go, because if that’s
what it takes to make him achieve what he wants, I’m going to do it. As long as I’m
here, I’m going to do it. RICHIE EFFS: Here we go again. What? Can daddy finish this interview please? I’m doing
an interview papa. Okay, come on, let’s put you down here. Zion! Where is Zion? Okay,
hold on. Daddy has to finish this interview, okay? I have to finish this interview, okay? ZION EFFS: I want to continue skateboarding
for the rest of my life.

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  1. Now I love this video and all but when I saw this dad elbows at 5:33… boy I almost threw lotion at my phone

  2. Can u not say he is the best eight year old skater because I am eight and I am a skater and when u say that it’s sad


  4. Having supportive parents must be the coolest thing ever. A lot of us never experienced that, so I can appreciate this father for all he's done for his kids.

  5. I guess in Florida this is amazing lol in California we all started skating young and were doing all these tricks by 7 to 8 years old. But California is the home of skateboarding so guess it makes sense.

  6. Reminds me of young nyjah but seems like dad is alot more laid back. Kid is special and the 2 year old will clearly be fearless when he grows up lol

  7. Exactly I don’t get it… everyone these days are obsessed with fortnite and minecraft, like it’s getting really boring now, I ride scooters and I skate also but mainly scoot

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