The Attractions Show! – Surfing at Typhoon Lagoon; Krispy Kreme Doughnuts; latest news

This week we head into the kitchen to see how Krispy Kreme donuts are made. Then we head to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon for some totally tubular surfing lessons. Plus the latest theme-park news and more coming at you from the Attractions Studio at Give Kids the World Village… Right now! Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of the show, I’m Elisa, and I’m Quinn. Quinn can you believe it is August Yeah, I mean I would very much like it to feel like it. You know and have the weather change a little but you know how Florida is so it’s gonna be hot a little bit longer Yeah a lot longer probably but summer is almost over is what that means The kids are gonna go back to school for us You know, it doesn’t matter too much cuz we’re still working no matter what but oh, yeah This play time is almost over. It’s been fun. It’s been nice does playtime ever really end for us? That’s true But yeah, so get get all your theme parks in do what you got to do Come see us in Florida before school starts back up definitely. Mm-hmm All right. We’ll be right back after a message from our sponsors. As we say goodbye to summer Check out this offer from MEI and Mouse Fan Travel. Save up to 25% at Walt Disney World hotels most nights from August through October For a free quote with no obligation visit Check out some fresh pick summer deals from Undercover Tourist like a free $50 Disney gift card when you bundle with select Walt Disney World mail tickets. For the best ticket deals visit Check out the behind the themes tours with Give Kids The World The next one is on August 22nd at Bob’s Space Racers Get backstage access, support charity and see the theme park world in a whole new way. Head over to to learn more This News in the Queue kicks off with something sweet and a little spooky This year’s special Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom event card for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party will feature Orange Bird The card features Orange Bird crafting juice o lanterns by drawing funny faces on the oranges that grow near the sunshine tree in Adventureland. Guests can pick up this special spell card at the firehouse during Halloween party nights But must have their party ticket and event wristband in order to get one. This sounds so cute. It does I love orange bird. We got my cup here. We got a little plush up here I tell you Orange the popularity of orange bird has like Gone crazy the past year or two. I’m here for it. You know, I’m living for it I’m about it. And I always feel so special and getting that special edition sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom card I don’t know why I just think they’re fun to collect and it’s just something it’s something different Yeah, I still have my um, my little booklet with all of them in it. I don’t know where it is I’ll find it and I’ll put it in there exactly so cute Now we head over to Yas Island where Warner Brothers world Abu Dhabi has officially opened Guests can experience six different lands themed to DC’s metropolis and Gotham City as well as bedrock, cartoon Junction, dynamite Gulch and Warner Brothers Plaza This new theme park is entirely indoors and features 29 new attractions, themed dining experiences and more Abu Dhabi is the place to be for Attractions right now. Yeah, I saw a little video of the flintstones boat ride. It looked really cute Oh cute. I love it We gotta travel We gotta go we gotta see y’all. We gotta get that money. We got a that’s fine. We’ll find a way we’ll find a way Next we head to Hong Kong Disneyland for an ant-sized announcement The name of the ant-man themed attraction coming to Hong Kong Disneyland has been revealed Ant-man and the wasp: nano battle. This attraction will open next year as part of the park’s multi-year expansion it’s going to replace Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger spin. On the ride guests will take a visit to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Science and Technology pavilion at Stark Expo and face off against Zola and his army Hydra swarm robots alongside ant-man and the wasp. Wow Another traveling experience for us. Let’s go to Hong Kong Well, I did get to go to Hong Kong Disney and I loved it But I would have loved to have gone on this ride. Well, yeah when I was there because we’ve both been now um when I was there they had just opened the Iron Man Experience and right next door to that is where Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger spin was and I think they had Right after they opened. I’m an Ironman there they closed down Space Rangers spin so I think I was there like during the few days that they were both open Although I didn’t actually ride Space Ranger spin because it’s you know It’s just interesting because I feel like Buzz Lightyear is still so relevant So I mean, I guess Marvel. Well they also have Toy Story Land there. Yeah So they have both Hi everybody welcome This week for the Hidden Mickey, let’s go to Typhoon Lagoon There’s a place called the boardroom It’s a Shack on a small deck at the front of the surfing lagoon On the right wall inside the boardroom is a painting of an alligator holding a surfboard in the middle of the sand dune behind the alligator impressions in the sand come together as a classic Mickey you can see this Mickey looking through the window of the boardroom It’s a supercharged summer in Orlando and you can read all about it in our Summer 2018 issue Get ready to join the family aboard Universal Orlando’s new ride fast and furious supercharged Celebrate your favorite characters this summer during Pixar fest at the Disneyland Resort Universal CityWalk just got a whole lot sweeter with the opening of voodoo doughnuts Plus the latest news rumors and more packed into every issue get your copy and subscribe today at in print or digital in our app on Nook and Kindle Do you ever just get a huge craving for doughnuts? Always, you know actually a new Krispy Kreme location to open up near Disney Okay, so you’re telling me I can go get a dozen glazed and bring them to Disney and snack Well, let’s not get carried away first. Let’s check out this story from a new reporter Meghan Welcome to the new Krispy Kreme donuts located right next to Disney’s Animal Kingdom on West 192 now I love me some donuts. But like you I know they’re really good when they’re hot and ready So I’m here with Eric, what can you tell me about this new Krispy Kreme donuts? Well I can tell you that We’re open 24 hours a day seven days a week every day of the year We have 28 delicious varieties of donuts to choose from and we are ready for your visitation Well, I know one thing you’re sure making me hungry. So tell me how are these made? How would you like to come back and mix some yourself? That sounds like a great idea. Let’s go. Okay. Gotta say I love my new ensemble. This is where all the magic happens The databases what we’re doing now is reducing 30 pounders. We’ve got one of these right now So now we know how they’re made So make sure you come down here at West 192 at the new Krispy Kremes location now, just so you know It’s not only Donuts. They offer they got coffee espresso and frozen beverages, too But if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go ahead and take a bite out of this before it gets too cold He’s amazing, I Think what I love most about travel is the perspective that it gives me it’s just getting a chance to see other parts of the world and other types of people and other lifestyles I Like to say it’s the difference between information and expertise anybody can do an internet search and come up with lots of information Having somebody that has been there and done That and probably bought the t-shirt and really can speak to it with authority is the big difference Mei and mouse fan travel is your expert source for no fee travel planning Visit Mei – travel comm for a no-obligation quote today If the lines with undercover tourists crowd calendars touring plans and mobile apps Stop paying full price for your family vacation and visit undercover tours today I’m practicing my surfing skills. I didn’t Well, I don’t but you know practice makes perfect. Why don’t we leave that to the professionals? Or better yet. Let’s go check in on froth. Go surfing over at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon take it away frog Alright guys We’re here bright and early here at Typhoon Lagoon doing something that maybe some of you don’t know you can actually do literally surf well But the best part is Fraga has no balance so this is gonna make some some great video So nervous already Better than I expected her how you feel. I’m nervous cuz I just saw how big the wave actually is I am Kind of a fight now But yeah, you know, I’ll wipe out I’m sure that’ll be alright Okay, so the first time When I was in that push-ups and I was like, there’s no way I’m moving like I have no strength Nobody should know I have no I prefer body strength whatsoever. So it’s quite interesting Oh Let’s not I’m out Let me just tell you one thing These was a heavy but this was really this is really awesome but it’s scary scary scary when that big ball of water comes towards you and then you are on top of it and are falling But oh my gosh, it’s so much fun She was a student a I think she’s doing better than what she thinks she’s doing She might hit her face on the water kind of hard last time All right, so we know he’s so in froggit in the pool she was doing great in the surfing is there any type of Restrictions when it comes to height age you weight in this surfing school. Okay, so when we’re teaching surfing here at Disney Pretty much they like our students to be at least eight years old and older for us truly The big thing is you just need to know how to swim But we we teach all sizes Heights weights we teach them all come and you’d be amazed at how good everybody can be on a surfboard Now we saw that you’re in the the circum school for about three hours or so Is there anything that you would recommend everybody you’ll get a great breakfast beforehand? Wow that’s nuts, you know what nobody’s ever asked for that question So I like number one is I think it’s important to get good rest and have a good night’s sleep and to be hydrated That’s a real big thing is dehydration. So it’s awesome that we’ve added this food feature This breakfast feature for our guests So it’s important to get good rest Be well hydrated and then it is nice to have have the food in you and then something else that’s good is maybe to work? a little bit on a push up having a good push up and Now we have students who come here who are not very good with the pushup and that’s okay We can work with them We can modify their pushup in their pop up, but that those are three very important keys to meeting with success here. All right Thank you so much. I may be out here maybe to try it myself since you know, I was just making fun of Raka raka she was all three I did I did. Okay, that’s not at least I think so Maybe I’ll try it next time awesome. Good job guys. Good serpent. Raka way to go. Thank you Have you downloaded our free attractions magazine app It features news articles as well as every issue of our magazine available right in the app Plus catch up on all episodes of the show and even view all of our online videos in one place Download the app for free in the App Store today This week’s birthday shout outs go out to Steve Fox Sarah hand char Sharon Liguori Spencer Coleman John kirovsky Jim Doyle Lisa Raitt stock Steven Amos Julie Saunders Chris Brumbaugh and Kristen Ford. Happy birthday everyone Now we have been covering the theme parks for more than 10 years. And in that time we’ve collected a lot of stuff That’s why we’ve started offering our mystery merch boxes available now on our website for just $35 You’ll get a box full of unique promotional items Media exclusives and other merchandise from Disney Universal and other fun places know – mystery merch boxes are alike pick up yours now at attractions magazine com And now we want to thank Mei travel Malcolm Ian and universal fan travel our preferred travel agent for a free quote no obligation visit Mei travel calm and thanks to undercover tourists are recommended supplier of discount tickets to Orlando and California attractions for more information visit undercover tourist comm Give Kids The World village is an 84 acre Nonprofit Resort in Central, Florida that provides week-long cost-free Vacations to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families to learn more about how to get involved. Visit G ktw org Alright, so we’ve got a new announcement coming out over in Dollywood. Yeah I’ve never been to Dollywood but I gotta go once once they get this new this new land that they have announced open. Yep I it’s gonna be announced sometime tomorrow and it’s called Wildwood Grove. He’s gonna open next year We really don’t know a whole lot more about it quite yet But check out our social media and our website for more information about it Yeah
The little video that kind of they did the name reveal on it had like a butterfly and then like the graphic had some fireflies And it said something big is growing I think yeah, so maybe it’s like a sort of it looked this sort like a fantasy theme maybe Natural. Yeah The Beanstalk I don’t know that’s just my prediction. They said something big is growing. I have to wait to find out. Mm-hmm Thank you so much for joining us and we hope you’ll tune in again next week until then visit your local attractions Try something new stay safe, but most of all have fun Welcome to the new Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Located right next I already messed up Or better yet. Let’s check in on Crocker who went over to Disney springs to check out the check famine

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  1. Krispy Kreme and Typhoon Lagoon – Doesn't get any better! We're ready for Fall here in Florida too! Alright, we need to get packing instead of watching YouTube! Going to drive up to O-Town tomorrow for a few nights at POR and MK After Hours! Lots of shooting for Mouse Street TV! Happy Thursday Y'all! ๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿญ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ‘#3

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  3. every year a bunch of my friends split the cost of renting the wave pool at typhoon lagoon. it's so much fun and a nice change from the beach.

  4. It is great to hear about Krispy Kreme Doughnuts opening a new location, especially since all the ones near where I live have closed down.

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