The Benefits Of A Hockey Workout

(bright music) I am here with Bobby Lucas
from the Chicago Steel, and we’re gonna talk all about how hockey players
stay in peak condition. (scrapes) This exercise routine that
we’re talking about today is really a way for the players to maximize their
performance on the ice. – For the most
part it’s somethin’ that just about anybody can do, so we can build them
up from the foundation and then keep ’em on peak
performance out on the ice. But yeah, a lot of
functionality, a
lot of mobility. – This workout
routine is helping the hockey players in
their peak performance. A lot of people like
me and everyone else sitting on the couch
watching the show, they wanna improve
overall health. How does that
correlate together? – You wanna make sure
they’re moving correctly, which is something that just
about everybody can do and use. There’s a lot of
correlation across our activities and daily living. Our players are high
school students, so a common issue with
them is tight hamstrings, sittin’ around all day, and
so to get them out of that position into more dynamic
and athletic positions can help, obviously not only
Chicago Steel hockey players, but general population as well. – Give me a laundry list of
the muscles we’re working. – [Bobby] Through
the hips we can train pretty much the full body,
the muscles on your backside, the glutes, the quads, and
then a ton of core work. – [Jane] OK, Bobby, so
people can do these exercises off the ice, but
today you’re gonna show me how to do
’em on the ice. – That’s exactly right, I
have three exercises, Jane, that I’m gonna show
you here on the ice. – OK, let’s get started.
– Let’s do it. (rhythmic music) – These guys right here, they’re
showin’ us how it’s done. – The first drill we have here, and we brought some of the
guys to help demonstrate– – Hi, guys!
– Is just shooting off of one leg, very similar
to what we might do off the ice with a squat,
or a single-leg lunge, but we’re just focused
here on maintaining our posture and balance
on that single leg as we then shoot the
puck towards the net. – Ee! So am I
supposed to balance before I shoot, or lift
it up when I’m shooting? – So, eventually
we’ll get to the point where you’re balanced that whole
time while you’re shooting. – But right now we’re just–
– But for right now, yeah, we gotta start somewhere. That’s in.
– Yeah! – [Jane] What’s
exercise number two? – So, the next one–
– Oops! – We’re gonna work on is
working both sides of our body at the same time, so
just catching a pass on our forehand, giving it back, and then switching to the
back hand, catching it there. We’re gonna be workin’
a lot of our lower body, as you would expect,
but also our core. (upbeat music) (grunts) – Bobby, I’m ready for
the third exercise. I think. What is it?
– OK, so the third exercise we’re gonna work on is what’s
called the mohawk turn. We’re just gonna
open up our hips, try to get our heels
together, and then use that to turn or protect
the cross in a game. We wanna make sure we keep
our hips open and mobile. – I gotta go slow. (grunts) – [Bobby] That’s it. – OK, Bobby, let’s recap
what we learned today, and that is doing a
hockey-based workout whether you’re on the
ice or off the ice is really a great
way to get moving. – Yeah, 100%, changing
things up a bit, keeping it creative,
keeping it fun, but it’s definitely a way
that both elite athletes can benefit, and the
general population can see some benefit
from as well. – Fantastic, so
much fun, thank you. – Thank you for havin’ us.
– Absolutely. For more motivation to move,
just head to our website,

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