The Best Surf Boats for model Year 2019 – The 10th Annual Polar Bear – 4K

[Music] On the weekend of October 12 2018, as is our tradition at wake9 for the last 10 years, we assembled 7 of the best of the best surf boats in the world in one place at Lake Oroville, California. There were moments of glass, and moments of heavy winds and swells but every participant was a die-hard wake surfer and ready for anything. Any chance to get a ride behind all these amazing boats in eight, 2 hour sessions. There were over 60 amazing wake surfboards and we provided lunch both days and everyone had an amazing time. Wake9 prepared ahead of time to capture great footage of all the boats and people surfing. We had more than three full time camera operators and I flew my new mavic pro 2 drone. We set a personal record for our 10th Polar Bear event by bringing home over 350 gigabytes of video, the majority of it shot in 4k. Normally we would sort and log all of this video and create a fun video recap of the event right after the first of the year. However just 3 weeks after the event tragedy struck the area with the largest wildfire in California history known as the Camp Fire. In the evacuation some of the video was lost and damaged, but after some work it was all retrieved, nothing was lost. Now we get to share with you the video from the event of this amazing weekend. We normally present the boats in alphabetical order but this year I am going to present them in order of how much water each boat was displacing on that weekend from the least to the most. I am doing this to emphasize just how important displacement makes to a great wave and to give a better basis for comparison. Displacement is mostly responsible for the size and power of the wave. These boats all have varying degrees of tech to make clean waves on both sides but it is important when you compare these boats you take into account the amount of water they were displacing when you watch the videos, as well as other factors that are important to you like the quality of the interior or the price. Along with the dry weight and ballast on this weekend we are assuming a gear and people weight of about 1,600 pounds for each boat. I am also going to try to give you one or two really great points about each boat and at least one point that I think can be improved based on my experience filming them and speaking and reviewing data from all of the riders. The first boat on this list is very unique and a boat we have been hoping to try out for a couple of years. It is the Heyday WT Surf, otherwise known as the Wake Tractor. This boat is about 22 feet long with a dry weight of 4,300 pounds. It has a healthy stock ballast system of 2800 pounds and we added about 600 pounds of lead for this weekend so it could better compete with the big boys. That brings the total displacement for the Wake Tractor to about 93 hundred pounds. The Wake Tractor is probably not going to win any beauty contests but it is very affordable at around 60 K. It’s easy to tow and will fit most anywhere. But what about the wave? It’s fun and it’s legit. It’s definitely not the size or power of some of the bigger boats, but if you want a boat that you can surf with and have a great time with some friends or family, you can do that with this boat. I was very surprised. This is no frills, though, keep that in mind. The surf tech on this boat was basically moving a suction activated wave maker from one side of the boat to the other. It’s not the level of luxury or tech in other boats, but it works and it’s fun. [Music] You may be surprised that this big G23 is a bit lower than some of the other boats when it comes to displacement. Don’t let that fool you to think it makes a subpar wave. Correct Craft has done a great job with their haul and tech to be very efficient with the displacement they use to make a great wave. The G23 has gone through several refinements and design in engineering since it was introduced in 2013 and it is noticeable. Every bit of it fells purpose built and tweaked to be the best it can be. This G23 is 23 feet long and had a dry weight of 5900 pounds with 2850 pounds of stock ballast that was not run completely full. Another 550 pounds of lead is added to tune the wake to perfection by the wake surf veteran owners of this boat, the Woodards. With people and gear the displacement was about 10,250 pounds. This G23 MSRP is about 175 K. While the G23 makes a great wave and the boat is engineered to the top of its game, the wave can be steeper for some and has spots with a rougher transition. When weighted properly this is not much of an issue. Keep that in mind when you demo, if too much weight is added to this boat it might not have as great a wave as you see here. No worries, just contact the Woodards or another G23 veteran, if you need help setting up this way. The 2018 Master Craft X-23 is a beautiful boat especially with this color scheme. It was definitely a looker and kept in top shape by the owner Danny Matranga. This 23 footer makes a great wave, but be careful when you demo. The X23 has a great surf haul but not all Master Crafts make the same amazing wave. If you are looking for a Master Craft and want a great wave the X23 should be right on the top of your list. The X23 had a sticker price of about a $150k and dry weight of 5500 pounds. 500 pounds of lead was added to the stock ballast system of about 3000 pounds. With people and gear that brought the total displacement of the X23 to 10,350 pounds. The wave was plenty long and powerful with a good transition and it was well liked. We have now all gotten used to the premium surf boats having huge amounts of free board keeping us well above the water. The X23 is by no means shallow like a Sanger, but it definitely isn’t as “thick” as some of the other boats. [Music] The MB B52 23 has a long tradition of making a great surf wave. I remember seeing this boat in 2007 and it made a great wave on both sides and the boat seemed so THICK compared to the other boats. Things sure have changed but even though this boat doesn’t have that same level of thick free board we are now accustomed to, you won’t be disappointed with the wave. This was the personal boat of Don Christman and he has taken pride with many custom details. Don would not be a real wake surfer, however, if he didn’t spend just as much time and effort dialing in the wake, and it was dialed. This boat made a strong, powerful wave with a great transition. The B52 retails in the low $100 thousands and has a dry weight of about 5,200 pounds. The ballast system consists of twenty-seven hundred and fifty pounds of stock ballast with 1,100 pounds of plug-and-play weight and then 400 pounds of lead placed with loving care by Don. That is a total of displacement with people in gear of about 11,050 pounds. The B52 is a pretty good value and it always has been. MB is a smaller boat company in California that makes fewer boats, but keeps the price pretty reasonable. If you like the look of this boat and wave they are worth a look. [Music] I have to state right off that I personally spent a year with this beautiful boat and I am partial, so take that with a grain of salt. This 2018 Supra SL 550 retail for about $145K and makes a great powerful wave that has been shown off in many wake 9 videos. I even know this really big fat guy that rides it without any problem. I handed this boat over to a brand new driver and just turned on auto wake. The auto wake system did a good job in many conditions to keep a consistent wave. One area of improvement would be that the auto wake system doesn’t adjust quite fast enough and requires a bit of wait time, but I believe that has been resolved with the 2019 models. The 23-foot Supra SL has a dry weight at 5600 pounds with 3200 pounds of stock ballast. About 700 pounds of lead was added over the entire boat to make this wave which brings us to about 11,000 pounds of displacement. [Music] The 2019 Mumbai Makai is a brand-new model from Moomba and it sure hits the ground running. It is neither a budget boat, nor is it a luxury premium boat. It fits right in the middle. This is a big 24 foot boat as you can see parked next to our Supra SL. Even at that large size this boat can be had for under$100K well equipped. This boat was provided by California Marine Sports in Suisun City, California. This 24 foot boat has a dry weight of 5,200 pounds and a stock ballast system of 4,000 pounds which is underfloor so it has cavernous storage. With 1,000 pounds of extra lead and people and gear this boat displaced 11,800 pounds. The wave is powerful and smooth and this boat can also be equipped with the auto wake system. It is a first year model and even though it has the auto wake system I have found that it requires a bit more time dialing it in compared to say the Supra SL. It is not as luxurious as some of the other premium boats, but it is a good value with a great wave. [Music] You can call this both the 2019 Centurion Fi 25 or you can refer to it as I do, as the Big Mamma Jamma. This boat is just under 26 feet long and is going to set you back a bit at about one hundred and eighty thousand dollars. That said, it makes use of that extra displacement and makes a BIG long wave. Some boats can make a big wave, but it may not be a good big wave. This boat makes a wave that is long, big and great and it was a crowd-pleaser. Who doesn’t like big until you have to tow it or garage it? The Mamma Jamma has a dry weight of fifty eight hundred and fifty pounds in a stock ballast system with all of the upgrades at about fifty five hundred pounds. This boat was weighted using about 5000 pounds of the stock system and then 500 pounds of lead. Including gear and people that put this boat displacing a whopping twelve thousand nine hundred and fifty pounds. The FI25 doesn’t seem to like much weight up front and so it was weighted with most of the weight in the back which does mean it rides a bit bow high while surfing. This bothers some and not others, my advice is just to demo it yourself and make sure it is properly weighted and then you decide. You definitely won’t care much about the bow rise when you are back there. [Music] Special thanks to all of the drivers and boat and board manufacturers. Special thanks for the patience you have all had with me this year after the tragedy in our area. We are looking forward to coming back to a full lake this year and hopefully the 11th year of the Polar Bear. A big thank you to Boat Bling for providing us cleaning materials for the boats to keep them looking great, and I have to say, the Boat Bling worked great! Another huge thank you to Peter Brooks for saving our butts and driving his Nautique SAN 2010 for us to fill in for our missing boat. Please visit wake for links to all of the sponsors and manufacturers.

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  1. I love ur videos and am always looking forward to the next one! Just curious if you have any thoughts on Malibu? We own an LSV23 and really love suffering behind it! That being said, your comments on the Supras have me thinking about our next boat…. 🙂

  2. A heyday is in this but no Tige RZX or ZX??? or Pavati? Interesting… I would have to argue that the title of this video is inaccurate

  3. great job on this video! Quick question. Do you tend to have a tough time getting boat dealers and manufacturers to participate at this event? Are they fearful that they might be rated last on the list? I noticed that you had some boats that were 2018s and others were 2019s (I could be wrong on this). You also had some private boat owners.

  4. Also when comparing the boats water displacement why didn't you keep the lead placed in the boat the same across all the boats or don't use lead at all to give a true comparison?

  5. So right now I have a 2009 Moomba LSV that I put a surf gate suction thing on the side of the hull and this year it’s time to upgrade. My options are: 1) get 30k trade in on a 2018 Tige r23 2) get 28k trade in on a 2019 Moomba Max 3) get 27k trade in on a 2014 super air Nautique 210. What should I do? Also I ride surf style, don’t think that changes anything but just to let you know.

  6. Interesting decision leaving the best Surf Boat out of a list of the "best surf boats"…

    Pavati's AL26 just too exclusive to include here?

  7. No Pavati? You are not test the best boats because you left out the best! Your test here is only testing for 2nd place

  8. love the video! but in the future, I would love to see you bring in some new boats such as a pavati, sanger, Malibu, Tige, etc.

  9. The MasterCraft X23 wasn’t even available in 2019 model year. Look X24, X22, and XStar for the top 3 surf waves in the Industry. Very biased video… 😔

  10. No Pavati AL26 ? Would love to see a comparison between that and a x26. Thinking of switching from my x26 next season.
    Great video though makes my list of competitors a little smaller.

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