The Common Muskrat | Learn about Nature 🌲🌲

The common muskrat is a medium-sized Semi-aquatic rodent native to North America and is an introduced species in parts of Europe Asia and South America It is the largest species in its subfamily which includes voles and lemmings. Muskrats eat a variety of plant material which makes up about 95% of their diets But they also eat frogs, freshwater mussels, small fish, and turtles. Muskrats spend most of their time in the water and are well suited for their semi aquatic life They can close their mouth around their protruding teeth and chew underwater. Muskrats live in wet environments including swamps, ponds, marshes, and wetlands, favoring locations where water levels stay constant. They are excellent swimmers and can evade many predators by escaping into the water or into their burrows. They can stay submerged for up to 17 minutes and swim as fast as 3 miles per hour and they can even swim backwards!

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  1. Did you know that they have long tails covered with scales rather than hair? This aids them in swimming, and their tails are slightly flattened vertically, which is a shape that is unique to them.

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