The Crew 2: E3 2017 Cinematic Announcement Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[SIREN] Hey. Here’s your chance. [MUSIC PLAYING] [ENGINE REVVING] SINGER: Won’t do you no good. NEWSCASTER: Can our new hot shot
driver with a promising career dominate off road racing
on his way to the top? SINGER: And I said,
kiss your baby goodbye. Come on, love, it’s all right! Heaven knows they
wanna break you apart. Yeah! Kiss your baby goodbye. Come on, love, it’s all right! You never know unless
you give it a try. Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Come on, baby. Yeah! ANNOUNCER: Oh, there’s a skid. Oh, and there’s a wreck. The cars are piling up. Our champion [INAUDIBLE]. Now, that’s the skill
that wins no matter what the engine, no
matter what the track. SINGER: I said yeah! One day, yeah, baby! ANNOUNCER: He is this season’s
undisputed motor sports champion, coming out of
nowhere to rise to the top. [SIRENS] SINGER: I said, yeah! All night, yeah, baby! Yeah!

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