The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding

Fucking bindings, man Was that it ? It might have been a little too frontboard
Almost blunt This one was for you What are you doing Bourbouss ? I’m checking a spot Fuck off now Should I do a backside 7 ? My boots are so wet ! All my googles are fucked Swich is gonna be hard Did he land ? This is 3 day build Hey don’t brake the wall You allright ? Your knee is allright ? Yeah Kadjunga, man We stopped in the fields, panflute was on
And right here : great sex Ever heard of Denver The Last Dynosaur ? I only heard about Denver’s …. … fatal anal attraction Which we don’t wana talk about I’m hibernating Look what I found in his bag Should we jerk off tonight ? I just wana check if I moved my arms I added in B the gap top tap from today You are so dumb it’s amazing Jérôme ! I got slapped by a fucking branch ! You killed it ! Come on now, bring it on ! Bring it on Jérôme ! Second barrel ! Second barrel ! Barrel ! Bring it on ! I can’t breathe Jérôme ! Go deep ! Go deeper Jérôme, seriously, stop at the 7eleven Sorry guys I have a bit of gas

100 thoughts on “The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding”

  1. What a life, snowboarding with your homies. Getting stoned and driving around the world all in name of this beautiful sport. Getting sponsored by some awesome brands too!! I wish I could do such a tour for a year. Just smoking with dem boys and carving some slopes -_-

  2. That’s always been my dream and it’s still not too late for me but I don’t know how to get started. This video is exactly how I wanna spend my life. With amazing people doing crazy things and making memories

  3. Too bad snowboarding is no longer about snowboarding, it's now about moronic immature alcoholics. Total retards that make all snowboarders look stupid. REMEMBER KIDS ALCOHOL IS THE REAL GATEWAY DRUG SO IF YOU WANT TO END UP HOMELESS ON THE STREET ADDICTED TO COCAINE OR METH GO BINGE DRINKING TONIGHT. These douches are NOT GOOD DUDES OR HEROS OF ANY SORT THEY'RE SELF SERVING LOSERS.

  4. I have asked gods of mountains why snowboarders are so dumb but funny at the very same time : Because of weed and fall impacts on heads without helmets.

  5. 9:15
    Camera guy: Thinking, oh man this looks like a good one Click Click Click Click Click Click
    Snowboarder: bails hard
    Camera guy: "fuk.. awhhhh shiet." Click

  6. Its just got a load of childish stupidity in it and a lot of shit behaviour and disrespect to some of the countries they visited. I dont think these banana heads understand that this stupidity is frowned upon in certain cultures

  7. FUCKING.INCREDIBLE !!! I never watch an hour long videos on youtube, but this truly got my attention. So raw, so authentic, so beautiful. Thank you for making this, it's full of inspiration, motivation and fun !!!

  8. „Yeah why not put up a fcking helmet btw?!

    Because then, it would look like a sport“….. daaaam these balls of steel you guys have, siiiiiCk.

    MERCI MON CHERIE Jerome for producing probably the best Snowboarding movie ever. All this hillarious moments, these legendary nights, this lovely friendship, thats it folks, thats how to live a siick good life with styyyyle ??

  9. 本人達がこんなに楽しくやれてるんなら周りがとやかく言うことなんて何もありませんね。

    重ねてほんとかっこいいです。=so sick

  10. Actually the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen this like 50 times and always come back

  11. Thank you for sharing the beauty of snowboarding with us. You deserve a fucking oscar for that!

  12. это волшебно! спасибо Джером за этот рассказ.
    Вы, ребята пиздецки крутые!!!!

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