The future stars of Pole Vaulting & Figure Skating train for Buenos Aires! | Youth Olympic Games

My name is Carolina Cabella and I’m a young reporter for the Youth Olympic Games. I’m from Buenos Aires, where the next Youth Olympic Games are taking place. I’m going to take you around my city and show you some of the things you can do here. As a hockey player, I am going to go for something on-the-go, something for your protein kick, and finally a little something you can’t miss for your cheat day. All of them in Buenos Aires! We’re at “The Market of San Telmo” in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. This market was built in 1897 and served as a hub for the immigrants of Buenos Aires. So for my breakfast this beautiful morning, I’m going to get a ginger, passion fruit & mango juice. In just 100g of passion fruit you get 36% of your daily amount of Vitamin C. Ginger has been proven to reduce exercise-induced muscle pain by 25%. And mango juice is nutritious too but I’m having it because it’s also delicious. I love coming to San Telmo because you can pick your own fruit and they make the juice instantly. Thank you! That is exactly what I needed. For our next stop we’re moving to the Boca neighborhood, the home of Boca Juniors! The Youth Olympic Games are in October, which is the best time to come to Buenos Aires. And if you have a beautiful day like today I suggest you find a place to eat outdoors. A place like this, where they’re bringing the basics back to Argentinian barbeque. Of course, protein is an important building block of your muscles. And as an athlete, you want to make sure your muscles are in the best shape possible for competition. Luckily, in Argentina we do protein well. Every “asado” has to start with “provoleta” which is grilled cheese. This one has oregano, onions and mushrooms on it. This is always eaten before the meat. “El asado” is one of the most famous cuisines from Argentina. The term “asado” refers to long stripes of flank-cut beef ribs which are cooked on a grill or an open fire. You can also have goat or lamb. “El asado” accompanied by “mate tea” used to be the main diet of the Argentinian cowboy. If you were in another part of the world, you might stop here. But we Argentinians love our desserts. From anywhere around the city you can find desserts on every corner. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but every athlete has a cheat day. And you can’t come to Buenos Aires without trying dulce de leche. It’s a caramel based spread that we put on everything from cakes to ice cream. We also use it to make my personal favorite – alfajores. Alfajores was brought to Argentina from Spain and tends to be only available during Christmas. The good news is that in Argentina we have it all year round and you can find it almost everywhere. It’s traditionally two cookies with dulce de leche in the middle And you can find it covered with glazed sugar, grated coconut or chocolate. This is just a small taste of what you can find in Buenos Aires. It’s a place that is full of delicious treats that are just waiting for you to find them. The best feeling we get is when we take off. We defy gravity, we rise up and at this point we try to go higher. I think it is the best sensation you can ever feel. My name is Mattéo Le Gall and I’m a French pole vaulter. I like pole vaulting because I like the different disciplines that there are in the sport. You have to run at full speed first, then you have to become a gymnast To be able to perform a nice jump. We say that pole vaulting is 99% mindset. This is important because you shouldn’t doubt yourself. When you’re on the piste you have to just do it. That’s what will allow you to jump higher each time. In order to make progress you need to improve your physical qualities And improve your technique. It takes a lot of jumps to memorize the technique, in order to memorize the moves. Pole vaulting is a matter of precision. When we jump we always try to do the same thing every time, so that we land where we are supposed to. That is very important for me. I am fortunate to be amongst the best pole vaulters in France in my age category. I’ve had the chance to be in a club with a good training structure and with a great coach who is there to help me develop all of my potential and improve. I always want to surpass myself and surpass others, I want to do better each time. I watch a lot of pole vaulter videos. It allows me to visualize what I should and shouldn’t do when jumping. It helps me a lot on the psychological aspect of the jump. The two most important athletes for me are Sergey Bubka and Renaud Lavillenie. I think they’re the best pole vaulters. I stay motivated because I love pole vaulting, I love what I do. When you see your friends going out and having fun after class It sometimes feels like it’s not fair. But I don’t complain because I have goals and I know what I want. I’ll do anything to achieve my goals. In order to win the Youth Olympic Games, I have come close to a 5 meter jump, which would definitely assure me a place on the podium. If I continue to make progress and train, I could win at the Olympic Games. Hi, my name is Dorka Dorottya Szabó. Hi, my name is Luca Jánosi. Rock, paper, scissors. She wins! I can’t do it without laughing. You’re doing it terribly! It’s not good. She didn’t do it really well, so I’d like to win. I won, I was better… I beat Luca! My experience in Lillehammer was amazing Because of the preparation, now I know what to expect at PyeongChang 2018 Also it was the place where I met my coach and is a place where I got my silver medal and my bronze medal. It is very hard to express because it is full of emotions full of positivity full of encouragement to move forward. Strengthening your skills improving your abilities to perform as a professional athlete That was a big step forward Because I found the coach
that I am working with now and I have learned a lot from him. Putting all of that together
is when I switched from the junior level to more advanced to the top senior level. It feels awesome just to be qualified I will an Olympian and I will represent my country I will represent myself and all of the community I am working with That is an amazing feeling that makes you even more focused on your work My biggest challenge I had to overcome to qualify for the Olympic Games in PyeongChang was overcoming my own doubts. Because everyone came well prepared everyone came to get the qualification, it was very difficult I had to perform at my best. I am very happy that I passed the first step into the Olympic Games

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