The Hungarian City Built Over 80 Underwater Caves

– [Host] Budapest, Hungary,
one of Europe’s hidden jewels. A tourist hotspot known for its history and beautiful architecture
and its love of water. But while most splash above the surface, below the city is a
secret subterranean world. (mysterious music) Hungary’s capital is home to
over 80 geothermal springs and dozens of baths, all heated by the earth’s
warmth deep below the surface. As this naturally heated
water flowed beneath the city, it carved out hundreds of caves, making the city home to
the largest collection of thermal caves in the world. The crown jewel of this system
is the Molnár János cave. Discovered in the 19th
century by János Molnár, who traced the warm spring
waters from the lake outside to its source beneath the city. Divers first started to
explore the cave in the 1950s. Since then, nearly four miles
of tunnels have been charted. (gentle music) In the pitch black of the cave, miles of rope have been laid for divers to follow the correct
route back to the exit. The water is naturally warm, between 70 and 80 degrees fahrenheit. The rooms of the cave can
range from tiny to massive. The largest is so large, it can hold 350 double decker buses. And even in the pitch
black, life has found a way. Biologists have identified new species that live only in these caves. Much is still to be
answered about this place, a reminder that even in
the most urban of areas, you can still find some of
nature’s greatest wonders.

85 thoughts on “The Hungarian City Built Over 80 Underwater Caves”

  1. why would you put 350 buses into that cave? why cant you just use meters for telling how big it is? Also please use Celsius. No normal culture uses fahrenheit anymore today.

  2. this is awesome! never knew that Hungary is blessed with this underground water.
    still, wondering whether anyone can dive through these underground channels or you need a special permission from the Hungarian authority to do so?

  3. 0:47–0:50 something moves in the water near the bottom by his flippers from right to left I woulda freaked out

  4. I am an American born and raised and I HATE how we measure things here. Fortunately for use Im sure once either China invades or the new world order takes hold we can finally start using the metric system.

  5. Wow you get all these natural hotprings IN THE CITY? Amazing, i'm adding Budapest to my European wish list. London, Paris are soo basic

  6. God I love these videos bit they always seem to cut off just as they start to get going. You can tell that there is so much more information to these stories, I wish they would wait a couple more months and gather enough footage for a 5 to 10 minute long video. Still appreciate the awesome guests and locations; I suppose that's what's making me crave more content in each video you release… Keep it up, just consider longer videos.😉

  7. To whomever accused me of lying and not stamping my travel pass you are absolutely wrong. We were attending a prestigious international conference and were warned by the hosts that taxi’s and restaurants would try to rip us off. Never to take a taxi off the street. Always have hotel or restaurant call a taxi.We are well experienced travelers. I know how to stamp a metro pass. I would never visit Buda”pest” or recommend it to any of my friends. The people we met were not transitioning well as self- governed.

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